A Theatre of Flavour: Teatro Gastroteque

A Theatre of Flavour: Teatro Gastroteque


Taking gastronomers by storm since its recent opening; Teatro is the new kid on the Seminyak block, serving up a dramatic fusion of Western and Asian fare in a casual fine dining setting. This endearing little gastroteque is showcasing an expert culinary team led by award-winning Executive Chef and Co-Owner, Mandif Warokka.


The stage can be seen from the street outside, where the theatrical and humming open kitchen is displayed in the striking window-front of the restaurant. Chefs wear the traditional toque hats, identifying the stars of the show, whilst sizzling pans and the glimmer of flaming lustrous ovens make for impressive props.

The restaurant itself is quaint and intimate, seating only 24 guests. Palatial woods are set against crude granite and stone furnishings, fomenting a raw and sensual tone, intensified by dimmed lighting and seductive flickering candles. Tables are made of robust woods, while the chairs resemble luxurious thrones, coated in a lavish velvet, and coloured with regal reds and iron greys. Chef Mandif tried and tested these chairs in a rigorous and thorough design process, to ensure utmost comfort with a particular positioning to maintain focus on the food.

As you might be beginning to notice, attention to detail is never overlooked here. From scented cinnamon towels to the most delicate of cutlery handcrafted in Bali, Teatro is lathered in meticulous design and masterful flair. And that’s before we even get to the cuisine. Guests can choose from an innovative and perfected a la carte menu, or instead you can sample all that Teatro has to offer, with eight decadent courses from the degustation menu.

Highlights include the delicate yet hearty lamb chops, glazed with sweet soy and imaginatively accompanied by cubes of warm watermelon. Pickled cucumber halves are artistically arranged alongside, as well as chillies, curls of red shallots, basil leaves and a compact little package of toasted rice, topped with a piquant lime wedge. A red grouper fillet is served juicy and tender, married to a light sambal matah and neatly tucked under fern leaves, then topped with an al dente asparagus spear and coupled with a crunchy corn fritter and a light garlic mousseline. A vibrant and tantalising red grape sorbet purifies the palate between courses, decorated with a fragrant lemongrass foam; soft and airy yet exploding with a citrusy integrity.

Using the finest, locally-sourced ingredients, the menu changes regularly according to the seasons, keeping the excitement and surprise alive for Teatro’s diners. Chef Mandif’s love for wine brings an impressive and comprehensive selection to the dinner table, complimenting his magnificent cuisine. Currently acknowledged as one of the best chefs in Indonesia, Mandif has set his sights on the restaurant achieving Michelin Star recognition in the future – not an impossible task if these first few months are anything to go by. (www.teatrobali.com)