Ayip Dzuhri

Ayip Dzuhri


Operations Manager Frestro & Bar

With a prime location in Petitenget amidst Bali’s bustling night-life scene is the eye-catching Frestro & Bar, a popular venue with the bar crowd for very good reason. The name Frestro is derived from the words fresh and theatrical, keys to the both the innovative cocktails and the food served in the restaurant.

Led by Operations Manager Ayip Dzuhri, Indonesia’s Bartender of the Year 2015 in the prestigious World Class competition, Frestro’s bartenders are skilled and passionate about their craft. Embracing the gastronomic aspect of cocktail making, they create their own syrups, bitters, marmalades and are always looking for new inspiration and developing new cocktails for their guests.

Exquisite Taste talked to Ayip about the art of bartending.


E: What do you enjoy most about bartending?
Ayip: Creating drinks and seeing people’s expressions when they try them. Part of being a good bartender is being able to read a guest’s mood and, if they want, making something that will suit how they feel, even if it’s a broken heart!

E: Tell me about the drinks menu and why you have three distinct sections.
A: I really enjoy the opportunity to introduce Indonesian herbs and spices to people, so we have Indonesian signatures. They generally aren’t too strong and focus on just one flavour: Tales of Honje showcases torch ginger, while Myristica highlights nutmeg and Astrajingga coconut.

At the same time, as bartenders we really appreciate the classics, like an Old Fashioned, which is my personal favourite, a Negroni or Manhattan. These are deceptively simple drinks that are quite complex. We have plenty of serious drinkers who greatly appreciate a well-made classic cocktail.

Then we have the tailor-made cocktails, which are a great way to create guest memories.

E:: What new cocktails are you working on now?
A: My newest creation on the menu is The Massoia, which is named after the fragrant Papuan wood we use in the recipe. I’m also working on new drinks using Andaliman pepper, Javanese long pepper and cinnamon from Banda island, which is completely different from the usual cinnamon.

The Massoia


  • 40ml London Dry Gin
  • 20ml Cynar
  • 20ml massoia wood vermouth


  1. Stir all ingredients together and serve with clear ice and massoia wood smoke.

Massoia wood vermouth:

  1. 25g massoia wood bark
  2. 500ml sweet vermouth
  3. Sous vide together at 55C for 35 minutes

Frestro & Bar
Jalan Petitenget No. 108, Kerobokan
Bali 80361, Indonesia
T: +623619345888
E: info@frestro.co.id