The Cool Cat of Bali

The Cool Cat of Bali


Paris Cat Jazz Club Bali offers a dedicated destination for all things jazz.

After its success in Melbourne, Australia, the coolest cat in the neighbourhood made its way to the tropical island of Bali, bringing a much-needed dose of seductively poignant tunes. Paris Cat Jazz Club first opened its doors a decade ago in Melbourne, where it has become an esteemed live jazz institution, contributing to the city’s arts and culture scene. The ambience pays homage to the French post war Bee-Bop era. Add to that the endless international and local jazz acts that have performed at the venue and Paris Cat Jazz Club transcends space and time to offer the best in after dinner nightlife.

Earlier this year, Paris Cat Jazz Club Bali was launched, and in a matter of months has won hearts among those looking for a raw, authentic jazz vibe, or simply a kicking nightcap. Located in the ever-lively Petitenget area in Seminyak, the club sits in the thick of things, while radiating an elusive mystique that gives a certain class to the jazz joint. From the outside, the black facade might make you miss the place at a first glance, but the jazzy tunes wafting out from the premises are a sweet invitation to come in.

Django French Martini, Billy Holiday strawberry and basil paloma

Marvel at the cool memorabilia of the greatest jazz musicians of all time adorning the walls as you take the stairs to the second floor, where you can find a bar in the corner, an intimate seating area and the pièce de résistance of Paris Cat: a nice petite stage where all the magic happens. The cosy lighting from the vintage chandeliers, the velvet curtains and photographs of musicians and crooners from the past will make you want to change to a flapper dress and sport a cigarette holder.

For five days a week, Paris Cat showcases great live music performances that take guests on a journey to the old Europe circa 1940. Every month, the club also curates nights of special shows, like New Orleans Jazz night, Swing Jazz night and Bossa Nova night. Paris Cat also has a weekly tribute night that is dedicated to the greatest musicians ever known. Think Miles Davis and John Coltrane, and you’re good to go.

At Paris Cat Jazz Club, the iconic jazz musicians from the yesteryear live on in spirits – pun intended. Not only are their songs performed and listened to here, the cocktails on offer are created to honour these legends. The Miles Davis sees a classic negroni served with a kick, just like it’s supposed to be. The Coltrane calamansi vanilla margarita brings more beat to the drink, while the Count Basie hazelnut espresso martini is one for the sweet tooth. Living up to the sultry vibe, Paris Cat Jazz Club also offers selections of wines and whiskies. So if you have the blues, get ready to swing by Paris Cat Jazz Club from Wednesday to Sunday.

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