Excellent Stills

Excellent Stills


As one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland, the Singleton distillery has weathered its fair share of good fortune and hardships, accruing character and maturing marvellously like fine whisky.

Founded in 1838 by Thomas Mackenzie, the Singleton of Glen Ord was the first of the three Singleton distilleries. The distillery went through the management of various owners before eventually being bought back by the Mackenzie family, joined by partners the McLennans and McGregors in 1877. Under steady management, the distillery thrived and began supplying whiskies to the vast reaches of the British Empire, to colonies such as Singapore and South Africa. From 1925, despite momentary pauses in production during the two world wars due to barley restrictions, the distillery steadily grew its production to satiate the ever-increasing demand for the product from whisky lovers all over Europe and Asia.

The Singleton of Glen Ord is the only Singleton distillery situated in the Highlands of Scotland. The Black Isle has been owned by the MacKenzie family for 700 years and was chosen for its nourishing dark, loamy soil. Rich, golden seas of barley grow beautifully on the fertile and idyllic land. With the sparkling, crystalline water of the White Burn and the Black Isle’s bountiful harvest of barley, Singleton produces beautifully smooth and full-bodied Single Malt Scotch whiskies. Vibrant fruit notes, sweet floral scents and elegant depth of flavour; the Singleton of Glen Ord’s taste notes are a signature of a Highland Scotch whisky of the finest distinction.

Keeping to the age-old traditions of its brewing masters, Singleton whiskies adhere to time-tested traditional 19th century methods. Singleton whiskies follow a longer than usual fermentation process. The barley mash is steeped in fermenting tanks for up to 75 hours, allowing it to reach the suitable initial alcohol content. Next, slow batch distillation of the whisky is done in traditional copper stills, which helps remove sulphur-based compounds from the alcohol, giving Singleton whisky the signature clean smooth taste. Finally, the whisky matures slowly in selected new American and European oak casks, which impart Singleton whisky’s signature complex flavour profile.

The Singleton Signature

The proud signature blend of Singleton’s Master of Malt, the Singleton Signature is an incredibly smooth and balanced whisky. With scents of fresh citrus, nuts and bananas, the whisky delivers an initial peppery and dried fruits taste on the tongue with a smooth and rich finish. Following its introduction to the Indonesian market in late 2015, it has had an overwhelming reception from whisky enthusiasts.


The Singleton of Glen Ord 12yo

COLOUR Intense Amber

ABV 40.0%

NOSE Nectarines, dried orange peel and sweet fruits. A hint of flaked almonds and charred oak open into candied peel and angelica.

PALATE Milk chocolate, dried sultanas, raisins with firm malt and almond toffee with a cooling peppermint after taste.

FINISH Medium to long, fragrance of dark chocolate, cinnamon, a hint of nougat and slight smokiness.