The Pure Freshness

The Pure Freshness

Prawn Buttermilk

Seasalt makes full use of bountiful local sea produce.

Set in the idyllic setting of Seminyak Beach is Seasalt, a distinctive dining destination with a well-conceived concept that revolves around the sea itself. Paying homage to the sea and the great abundance in it – including the locally harvested sea salt, the menu offers creative cuisine, highlighting the freshest seafood with a touch of unmistakable Japanese ingredients.

With highly innovative and talented Executive Chef Vivian Vitalis at the helm, Seasalt strives to serve creative dishes that make diners come back for more. There’s no signature at Seasalt, because every single dish is special and unique – something you’ve never had before.

The tuna tartare with black rice crackers and wasabi makes a great start, showcasing colourful presentation and festive flavours. Balancing the zesty opener is Kyoto hummus with broccoli, avocado, romaine, moshio and edamame – a lush dish that brings quite a unique twist to your usual greens. For the main act, the spicy barramundi is an exquisite combination of rich and fresh, served with pumpkin and eggplant.

Agedashi Tofu, Prawn Buttermilk & Spicy Barramundi

Those who are not fans of seafood need not fret, because Seasalt also offers delicacies like the Seasalt chicken katsu, crispy pork belly and the divine wagyu short rib with mustard, miso and ginger jus.

Taking the tropical conditions and location into consideration, Seasalt’s dishes are light and refreshing, while being vibrant and flavourful at the same time. Complementing the complex flavours of Seasalt’s culinary creations is AQUA Reflections mineral water. The purity level of the water refreshes without overwhelming the palate after all the feasting.

The restaurant provides more than just delectable food delights, the selection of tipples served at the Seasalt bar are just as inventive, fun and definitely potent. Respected head mixologist Ayip Dzuhri – known for his unrivalled flair and refreshing wit – is the brains behind the luscious liquids.

Violet by Ayip Dzuhri

One of Ayip’s most enchanting creations is simply named Violet. Exuding elusive charm with the namesake colour, the cocktail is concocted from gin, chardonnay, lavender, clarified lime juice and elderflower. Topping it off is AQUA Reflections sparkling sater, which provides the touch of fizz the drink needs, but subtle enough that it’s not overpowering – a beautiful ending to the Seasalt experience.

Alila Seminyak
Jalan Taman Ganesha No. 9, Seminyak
Bali 80361, Indonesia
T: (+62)3613021889

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