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Kiki Moka



Kiki Moka
Head Mixologist of The Union Group

A household name in the world of mixology in Indonesia and Asia, Kiki Moka has spent more than 20 years learning the ins and outs of the food and beverage industry. Helming the drinking department at The Union Group, this award-winning bartender is responsible for putting Union Brasserie on the coveted list of Asia’s 50 Best Bars for five years. He also put the brasserie on the map after it was named The Best Bar in Indonesia 2021.

With seven outlets and nine other establishments under The Union Group, including the newly opened The Cocktail Club, everything that he touches turns to gold. He has successfully made The Union Group the go-to destination for Jakartans since the early 2010s. A leader with knowledge like no other, Kiki Moka is never shy in sharing his expertise with anyone, including us at Exquisite Taste.

E: What do you enjoy most about bartending? 

A: I love meeting new people from different backgrounds and creating memorable experiences for them. I also really enjoy it when I get the privilege to travel and collaborate with global brands and bartenders from all over the world.

E: What’s your philosophy as a bartender?

A: To be timeless. A classic style of bartending and classic cocktails will never go out of style. 

E: What qualities do you think a successful bartender should have?  

A: Manners maketh man. I believe in having good manners, not only will it help you in your professional life, but it will help you succeed in life.

E: Where do you get your inspiration for your cocktails? 

A: From so many sources: chefs, traditional food and local ingredients are just a few examples.

E: What is the craziest thing you’ve seen happen in a bar during the course of your career? 

A: One night in Loewy a famous international model opened a tab, but at the closing time his card was declined, he jumped over the garden in front of the establishment and ran. Three years later he returned, and I gave him back his bill and card, much to his embarrassment. 

E: What are three of your favourite cocktails? 

A: Penicillin, Rosita, Jungle Bird. 

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