Meticulous Meats

Meticulous Meats

Prepare your palate for Bali’s first ever steakhouse with Korean flair.

Since it first opened its doors in Bali, Si Jin has ignited quite a buzz, especially among meat enthusiasts, and the reception has always been positive. Located in the secluded heart of the ever-so-lively Seminyak, the restaurant’s sleek, retro-chic façade seems to invite passing diners to stop by and check it out. Inside is an intimate dining area, adjacent to a seductive bar, while in the back is the kitchen, veiled by a glass wall that allows guests to see what’s happening behind the scenes.

Having said that, the main show actually takes place right at the table. The stars are the meats, meticulously curated from around the globe by Chef-Owner Joel Si Jin. A steakhouse with Korean and Japanese touches, the restaurant takes pride in its select dry-aged and premium wet-aged meats, all prepared in-house and grilled on the smokeless grill found at every table. Guests won’t miss any second of the lush juiciness waiting for the dish to arrive – it’s already there.

Si Jin showcases an outstanding collection of meats, from the conventional, more familiarly known cuts, like premium striploins and porterhouses, to the exclusive and rarer cuts, such as the A5 BMS 10+-rated Tochigi ribcap from the Kantō region in Japan, and Zabuton 9+, the grand champion pure-bed wagyu from Wylarah, Australia.

As the chef brings the cut to the table and show how gorgeous the marbling is, you can be sure that the meat will melt in your mouth. Joel believes in treating every ingredient with respect, and it shows in the quality. The meat is always simple, prepared without any unnecessary adornment, which puts the natural flavour and succulence at centre stage.

On the table, you can see a row of salt shakers, home to different kinds of gourmet salts – pink Himalayan, smoked salt, truffle, kimchi old bay, yuja citrus, matcha, Bali wine and iyashi salt, to be exact. The salt isn’t a must, but it enhances the dish with brilliant flavours that we dare say you won’t find anywhere else in Bali. Salt isn’t the only thing that comes in a wide array, there are plentiful knives that you can choose from. Simple details like these are what make the dining experience at Si Jin an intimate and personalised one.

While the meat selection and quality are simply divine, you should not miss out on the other accompanying dishes. The grilled romaine with balsamic, herb aioli and parmesan makes a refreshing start while waiting for the main course. A Japanese touch can be found in the Dancing Eggplant dish. The eggplant is veiled with den miso and topped with mozzarella and katsuobushi flakes. If you don’t feel like having meat (but why wouldn’t you?), the Antarctic toothfish with miso sauce, pear ribbon, brussels and apple wood is simply to die for.

Having an appetite for the culinary arts, and specifically meats, from early on, Joel is equipped with a strong drive to offer an unrivalled steak dining experience. Before becoming a chef-owner for the first time, Joel honed his skills at Wolfgang Puck’s Michelin-starred CUT in Singapore, and also helmed the opening team of Akira Back’s restaurants in Jakarta, Singapore and Dubai.

Once in a while, Joel shows up and grills the meat for you right at your table, not hesitating to share the story of the dish should you ask him. This right here is the essence of the dining experience at Si Jin, you’ll get all the top-notch products, bespoke service and warm hospitality, without a hint of gratuitous pretention or pomposity.

Si Jin

Jalan Lebak Sari No. 18

Petitenget, Kerobokan

Bali 80361, Indonesia

T: (+62) 81238713964


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