ShiShi, Izakaya Lounge & Night Club

ShiShi, Izakaya Lounge & Night Club

Lavender Ananta

Illuminated in three stories of light, ShiShi stands as Seminyak’s most vibrant nightlife venue. Your night begins in Izakaya lounge, the Oriental influence apparent from the exquisite interior and Japanese-inspired menu. With expectations sufficiently elevated, a glance over the cocktail menu reveals a collection of signature drinks, each with an enticing list of ingredients.

ShiShi promises a unique culinary journey, while the island’s best DJs set the vibe for a great night of food, drinks and dance. Much like its meticulous selection of food, ShiShi’s cocktails are also a work of art. The food and drinks are all an extension of the experience, and as one of Bali’s most illustrious nightlife venues, impressing guests has been its nightly service routine, with an abundance of opulence, and a cocktail menu to match.

So how do you design a cocktail menu worthy of such a bar? With some sugar and spice and all things alcoholic. Highlighting some of ShiShi’s favourite concoctions, Jonathon recommends his personal top three picks for dinner enthusiasts, beginners and experts alike.

First, there’s Lavender Ananta, a perfect blend of Gordon’s Gin, lavender honey liqueur and citrus for a sweet and fruity flavour, grounded with liqueur. Then there is Kyuri Sour, another Gordon’s Gin-based cocktail, this time combined with cucumber, basil syrup, citrus and aquafaba for a fresh infused botanical taste bolstered with gin. If you opted for a more tropical flavour to enhance Bali island’s immaculate vibe, Shikoku Beach is a must-try, made from Captain Morgan White, calamansi, cinnamon and pineapple juice. It can be considered as pirate’s mardi gras. 


  • Lavender Ananta
  • Kyuri Sour
  • Shikoku Beach

ShiShi, Izakaya Lounge & Nightclub

Jalan Petitenget, Seminyak

Bali 80361, Indonesia

T: +6281918888059