A Taste of Singapore at The Shady Pig

A Taste of Singapore at The Shady Pig


Helming one of the most recognisable bars in Asia, Colin Chia of Singapore-famed Nutmeg & Clove recently held a collaborative bar takeover at Canggu’s stylish watering hole, The Shady Pig.

Located in the buzzing area of Berawa in Canggu, The Shady Pig has quickly become a fan favourite for potent drinks and a great night out. Created by Tavolo Group, the secretive bar offers something new to your taste buds, including a series of bar takeovers with some of the biggest names in mixology.


Welcoming back travellers to the beautiful island, The Shady Pig held another memorable bar takeover on Monday, 11 July 2022 with one of Asia’s best, Colin Chia. Famously known as the founder of Nutmeg & Clove in Singapore, Colin Chia has successfully brought the attention of the world to his bar now ranked number 35 in Asia’s 50 Best Bars. Taking great pride in Singapore’s history and progression from colonial outpost to modern metropolis, Nutmeg & Clove reinterprets classic dishes and cocktails with a Singaporean inflexion.

During the bar takeover, Colin and his team brought some of the best-selling cocktails from his bar in Singapore to Bali. On the menu, guests looking forward to tasting his creations were treated to a fine selection of Garden City, Goddess High Ball, Lah Leh Meh, and K-Tea-V.

Lah Leh Meh

Garden City takes its inspiration from Ayuuk or a Pasilla Mixe chilli botanical spirit with malt and grain. Together with the fresh and redistilled musk melon gin, basil and mint notes from the shiso leaf and a touch of honey for sweetness, this herbaceous cocktail recalls the sights and smells of Singapore’s gardens. Meanwhile, K-Tea-V is a sophisticated twist on whisky green tea. Made from blended whisky, absinthe and a clear green concoction of matcha and green barley grass.

The Shady Pig

Taman Tamora

Jalan Pantai Berawa

Bali 80361, Indonesia

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