A Fiery Passion

A Fiery Passion


A very welcome addition to the bustling food scene of Jakarta is Bara Restaurant, a unique wood-fired rotisserie establishment serving up an array of tantalising grilled delights. The restaurant’s name, Bara, the Indonesian word for ember, is inspired by the exquisite cuisine that it offers utilising a state-of-the-art custom wood-fired grill. The restaurant features a gorgeous open-kitchen concept, geometric walls of brick, cladding of rustic finished wood panels and warm lighting. Whether one is looking for a venue for a discreet weeknight getaway or a cosy place to catch up with the family, Bara Restaurant is a wise choice.

Bara Rotiserrie Chicken

The heart of the restaurant is its gorgeous wood-fired grill. Cooking aficionados will be thrilled at watching the restaurant’s culinary team lovingly barbecue slow-marinated meats and choice cuts. Start off your meal at the restaurant with the selection of fresh salads with house-prepared sauces and the hearty pastas. For mains, our recommendation is the Bara rotisserie chicken, a delightfully tasty and juicy dish. If you are dining with a big group, a favourite to-share dish is the honey cider glazed wings with fresh lime zest, which is sweet and sour and accompanied by a side of citrus salad with yoghurt dressing. We also like the double bone-in pork chop, finished off with house-made spiced honey glaze, do yourself a favour and order the heavenly crispy pork crackling with rice vinegar Mignonette.

Bara Restaurant
PIK Avenue Mall, Ground Floor
Jalan Pantai Indah Kapuk Boulevard
Jakarta 14470, Indonesia
T: +622122572296