Jumbo Seafood

Jumbo Seafood

Singaporean Chili Crab

When JUMBO Seafood first opened back in 1987 it set out to capture the hearts and taste buds of Singaporeans with its delicious range of superb and affordable seafood and, in a city known for its discerning diners, it did it in style.

Now with outlets throughout Singapore, China, Vietnam and Taiwan, the first restaurant, the flagship, is found within the East Coast Seafood Centre. Smart and casual, the restaurant offers indoor and outdoor dining spaces with communal and banqueting tables suitable for groups and family gatherings supported by a vast and rich Asian and seafood menu.

Open every day from 5pm for dinner and from 11.30am at weekends, loyal customers and travellers alike can be found indulging in some of the freshest seafood in Singapore cooked to perfection. The popular and iconic dishes of Singapore chilli crab and black pepper crab are show stoppers, but the menu also includes other famous signatures such as golden salted egg prawns and crispy fried baby squid alongside noodles, rice dishes and a host of pan-Asian delights.

As its popularity and reputation have grown, so has the number of outlets and today JUMBO boasts five outlets in Singapore with additional restaurants at Riverside Point, NSRCC Changi Clubhouse, Dempsey Hill and The Riverwalk.

Signature Seafood:

Steamed Alaskan crab, Boston lobster & Singaporean chili crab

JUMBO Seafood
Block 1206 East Coast Parkway
East Coast Seafood Centre
Singapore 449883
T: (+65) 64423435