Tropical Treatment

Tropical Treatment

A deeply rejuvenating treatment that restores the glow of your skin while refreshing the mind.

For those living in the city, dealing with a high-stress life and the never-ending demands of city life, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and lose your sparkle; your mind becomes tired, your skin becomes dull and it’s not so easy to press the reset button and remember the joys of life.

However, help is at hand. Head over to The Spa at on the eighth floor of The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place and step into a zone of peace, tranquillity and heart-warming care.

For a truly reviving and nurturing treatment, we suggest the De-Aging Tropical Ritual – two blissful hours where you can forget everything on your to-do list, forget all those distractions and let someone else take charge – someone whose only focus is your wellbeing.

Your personal therapist will whisk you away into the quiet elegance of one of the modern treatment rooms, where you can shed your clothes, grab your gown and settle down for some of The Ritz-Carlton’s famed service.

This exquisite treatment is not only a time for relaxation and pampering, it is also a rejuvenating ritual that pampers the skin with high-quality Pevonia products to counteract premature aging and sun damage, as well as minimising wrinkles.

Once your feet have been gently washed and scrubbed, you settle onto the padded massage bed, where your therapist places a thick blanket over you, making you feel snug and peaceful.

As calm envelops your mind, your talented and highly trained therapist uses long strokes and firm pressure to unravel the knots in your muscles and release the tension from your daily life. The next stage is the Papaya Pineapple Salt Mousse exfoliation to gently remove the dead cells with the natural nutrients and enzymes found in papaya and pineapple.

Once done, you wash off all the remnants in a warm shower in your treatment room and return to your massage bed for the Papaya Pineapple Body Wrap, a soothing, cooling cream that conditions your skin, gently closing all the pores opened during the scrub and adding an extra level of nourishment. Wrapped up in a warm blanket for your skin to soak up all this goodness, this is another chance for even deeper relaxation.

A final shower removes the cream, leaving you with glowing, super-smooth skin and a mind and body that are fully refreshed. Skin care and a hair dryer at a well-lit dressing table mean you have the tools to leave your treatment room looking radiant. Take a final stop in the luxurious relaxation lounge for a refreshing and restorative drink before taking a breath and stepping out ready to take on the world.

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