Shady Flamingo brings the high life to Bali

Shady Flamingo brings the high life to Bali

A premium establishment that caters to the classy, the busy and the discreet.

by Simon Maclean

The Flamingo

With its name originating from the syndicate of old-school mobsters, The Shady Flamingo has become a byword for all things booze. With decades of extensive knowledge in the field, The Shady Family builds their lounges with the novelty of a confidential and contraband laboratory, open only to an exclusive crowd of high ballers and big bosses. The ancestry of fine venues has spread worldwide, to places like London and Los Angeles. The Shady Flamingo, however, has become a must-visit establishment in Bali for spirit savourers and cocktail connoisseurs in search of a next-level nightlife experience.

The Shady Flamingo, located in a nicely hidden corner of Seminyak, now welcomes guests from all over to enjoy their unique array of drinks. Walking inside will take visitors back to a time when even tasting a quality beverage would have to be done in secret. With its low-key ambience, high-grade lighting and appeasing sound systems, The Shady Flamingo really portrays itself as the only site in town for residents to hide out from the glow and publicity of the streets outdoors.

Available refreshments include an arrangement of choices featuring bourbon, liqueur, vermouth, vodka, whiskey and more. 

Many of the Gangster Paradise signatures give the pinnacle taste of a secret sipper, and present special creations like the Blood and Bones containing Dewar’s infused strawberry, blended vermouth, smoked Campari and half & half; the Seven Samurai containing vodka, tomatoes, spicy herbs, togarashi and wasabi; and the Long Way To Hell with Dewar’s Rosemary Honey, salted sherry and lemon distilled, topped with coconut umami. More include The Angel’s Share containing Dewar’s infused cinnamon & apple, Rosemary, honey, citrus and Albumen; the No Country For Old Man with Wild Turkey 81 infused apple, chocolate distilled, smoked spice syrup and aromatic bitter, served smoke with apple woods; and the Casino Royale containing Bombay Sapphire, fat washed olive, vodka, dry basil Vermouth and Chocci American.

Casino Royale

The Hollywood Boulevard Signatures give the flavour of fame that heightens the senses like the bright lights of the West. Some of the exquisite relishes available are the Inception made with vodka, orange liqueur, choco distilled, pandan syrup and half & half; The Flamingo with hibiscus infused pink gin, cocoa distilled, orange liqueur, elderflower syrup, albumen and citrus; and the She Who Rules containing Bombay Sapphire, x-rated liqueur, white Vermouth, elderflower and lemon distilled.  

Exquisite Taste Volume 40

The Shady Flamingo

Jalan Petitenget, Seminyak

Bali 80361, Indonesia

T: (+62) 81390842764

IG: @theshadyflamingo_