A Nightcap Out

A Nightcap Out


Braci is where to go when you long for a calm night out, and at the same time, expect some kicking punches from the bar and the view.

It has hardly been a year since Braci first opened its doors to discerning diners, and yet it has already become a favourite destination for Singapore residents and visitors alike. Being favoured is not something surprising when it comes to Braci. The latest brainchild of respected restaurateur Beppe De Vito, of ilLido fame, is built on the top two storeys of a repurposed heritage shop house that stands on the popular Boat Quay, overlooking the Singapore River.

Upon hearing Braci’s name mentioned, one would immediately think about the restaurant’s progressive take on essential Italian flavours – with charcoal-inspired cooking techniques. That being said, there’s a part of Braci that deserves its own spotlight: the bar. Located on the top storey, the bar comprises a petite outdoor area that boasts a magnificent view of Singapore’s skyline – making it the perfect spot to have an after-office nightcap session with the entourage. Braci evokes an intimate atmosphere, while still being right in the thick of things.


Bar manager Joseba Madina explained it more elaborately when he said that the rooftop bar at Braci was everything a cocktail bar should be – stylish, relaxed and full of spirit-forward cocktails that are authentic and original. “We wanted to create an exclusive experience for adults to have quality drinks in an intimate setting with attentive service,” said Joseba.

The attentive service mentioned includes tailoring the tipples to the patrons’ liking. “We are happy to accommodate any request beyond what we offer, as different people have different tastes. Sometimes it’s as simple as changing one ingredient of a cocktail,” Joseba explained. These days, the bar team does a lot of off-the-menu, barrel-aged cocktails. “Barrel-aging the cocktail softens the spirits and integrates all the flavours from the different ingredients, creating a much smoother and rounded drink with a lot of depth.” Joseba also said the bar would launch a new cocktail using the Solera aging system, but that’s another story for another time.

Just as Braci keeps heritage alive by inhabiting an historic building, the bar team aims to do the same with the cocktail menu. “Our cocktail programme is inspired by classic and vintage cocktails. We aim to honour the history and heritage of these cocktails, and give them a second life through a modern and creative approach.” To tweak the classics, Joseba uses meticulous culinary processes, such as sous vide, smoking and macerating, to prepare the drinks. Joseba also uses fresh ingredients – nothing comes from cans, nothing is artificial. So for a more low-key night out that ranks high in terms of quality, Braci is where it’s at.




  • 30ml Gin Marconi
  • 15ml Bombay Sapphire
  • 15ml Monkey 47
  • Lemon ginger teabag
  • Erasmus Bond Dry Tonic
  • Berries, orange peel and mint for garnish


  1. Combine Gin Marconi, Bombay Sapphire and Monkey 47, before adding lemon ginger teabag.
  2. Pour Erasmus Bond dry tonic over the teabag, so that the tea seeps into the gins. Stir.
  3. Garnish with berries, orange peel and mint.
  4. Feel free to garnish with any preferred fruit or vegetables. This also depends on the types of gin you use.
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