A Delightful Balinese Brunch

A Delightful Balinese Brunch


Long renowned for its Super Sunday Brunch, The Dharmawangsa Jakarta has launched a new program to its repertoire: a special thematic Sunday Brunch held the fourth week of every month. On July 28, The Dharmawangsa Jakarta presented the Taste of Bali Brunch at Jakarta Restaurant. More than just an opportunity to savour exceptional dishes presented by Chef Felix Budisetiawan and Chef I Made Kona, guests were also given the opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade to Balinese cuisine with Chef I Made Kona, such as the secret to making great Sate Lilit, which lies in the ingredients used and the method of on wrapping (lilit) the meat mixture around the skewers.

The Dharmawangsa Jakarta’s Taste of Bali Brunch featured a variety of tempting buffet items, including bebek betutu, ayam masisit, ikan bakar Jimbaran, tum sapi, and kuah balung sapi (bone broth). Desserts are all worth sampling, from pisang rai served with grated coconut and thick palm sugar syrup, timus labu, ongol-ongol, and bubur Bali.

Prepared directly in front of the guests was tipat cantok, a popular Balinese dish consisting of rice cake and peanut sauce. To make the sauce, deep fried peanuts, garlic, fresh chillies, salt and fermented soy beans are ground up in a stone mortar and pestle. After that, cut up pieces of rice cake are added to the mix, along with fried tofu, diced cucumber and other vegetables.

In addition to the Balinese specialties that took centre stage, the Sunday Brunch mainstay dishes were also on display, such as the signature lobster Thermidor, fresh oysters, various sushi and a crepe station, while guests enjoyed live Balinese gamelan as well as traditional Balinese dances in the background. Let’s wait to see what comes up next for the thematic Sunday Brunch at The Dharmawangsa Jakarta.


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