Geert Vermeulen

Geert Vermeulen

Geert Vermeulen

Food & Beverage Director at Maya Resorts

E: Describe your typical day in a sentence.

Geert: Every day is a new day, starting with a cup of coffee and driving my motorcycle to Maya Ubud, preparing the morning briefing, working on any task that needs to be fixed, finding new creativity and making sure that the staff are learning and having a great day at work.

E: So how did you come to be the F&B Director at Maya Resorts?

G: I had been an executive chef for a long time and wanted to take a more senior position, so when a head hunter contacted me and offered me this opportunity, I decided now was a good time to go for it.

E: What’s the toughest part of your job?

G: Always having to achieve my work before I go home, so when I get home I feel that I have had a good, progressive day.

E: And what makes you smile at work?

G: Good communication with the staff so that I can get to know them better.

E: What motivates you?    

G: Working with my team, listening to their stories, contributing to their lives, finding new dishes for the menus, new decorations and making sure the guests are satisfied and happy during their stay.

E: Would things fall apart if you weren’t around?

G: Of course not, I have a great working environment here. My job is to support the staff and make things happen.

Maya Sari Restaurant

E: Who in your team deserves more recognition and why?

G: We work together, every single member of our team deserves more recognition.

E: Why should people choose to dine at Maya Ubud?

G: Maya Sari is our signature restaurant and has both indoor dining and alfresco service on the terrace from breakfast through to dinner. The sumptuous sunrise buffet is enhanced by the classic misty Balinese mornings as you look out towards the river valley. Dinner evokes a touch of casual elegance with international and local favorites from an à la carte selection.

E: Away from work, what’s your favorite place to eat?

G: I like to discover new places to eat and there are so many to choose from here in Bali, but my absolute favourite is still to buy my own produce and to enjoy a Sunday spent cooking.

E: How do you unwind?

G: On my days off, I spend time with my kids, travelling, discovering new things and playing sports.

E: Finally, any advice for those looking to break into the industry?

G: Hospitality is an industry that is growing all the time and will always welcome those who want to learn and have a passion for it.