Kam’s Roast is Now in Plaza Indonesia

Kam’s Roast is Now in Plaza Indonesia

If you’re a fan of Kam’s Roast, you’ll be familiar with the previous outlet tucked away in Pantai Indah Kapuk. Finally relocating to a more accessible destination in Plaza Indonesia, Kam’s Roast provides guests with a memorable dining experience, inspired by its Hong Kong Michelin star.

Kam’s Roast in Hong Kong is a modest eatery with a limited capacity, but thanks to the excellence of its roast food and the Michelin-star status it has held for several years, you will see a long queue there all day. Here in Jakarta, Kam’s Roast offers more modern, casual dining and has a different main ingredient in its mainstay dish. In Hong Kong, the most popular dish is roast goose, while in Jakarta, due to government regulations, they serve roast duck as the main dish.

Toro Char Siu

One of Kam’s Roast’s signature dishes which gained it some recognition is the Toro Char Siu – toro in Japanese just means part of an animal – the toro in Jakarta is a bit chewy, but the combination of sweet honey and savoury soy sauce creates perfect harmony. Don’t miss the restaurant’s other sauces either, they are imported directly from the original Hong Kong restaurant.