Nicolas Bailet

Nicolas Bailet


Executive Assistant Manager of Food & Beverageat The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore

E: What are your responsibilities?

N: I oversee the entire Food and Beverage division, which includes Colony, one-Michelin star Summer Pavilion, Chihuly Lounge, in-room dining, banqueting and restaurant reservations, in addition to leading the food and beverage promotional strategies. This involves understanding and organising daily operations to ensure that we continuously provide the finest service and facilities to our guests.

E: What makes a typical day?

N: What I find most exciting about my role is that there is no typical day. Each day is different and presents new opportunities. At The Ritz-Carlton, our Ladies and Gentlemen are empowered to create unique and memorable experiences for all our guests, which is why my team and I always strive to conceive creative ideas to enhance service quality and guest engagement, whether it be in daily operations or when planning for special events.

E: Your best attribute?

N: Leading by example. I feel that treating others the way you would like to be treated while ensuring guest satisfaction on a daily basis takes conscious effort. To do this, it is crucial that I work closely with my team to understand their concerns, and help them find the most appropriate solutions when tackling challenges. I strongly believe that when my Ladies and Gentlemen are happy at work, this will bring about team success.

E: Team player or team leader?

N: In my opinion, it is important to be both a team player and a team leader to succeed. I proactively reach out to help my team during busy periods and demonstrate leadership when the situation calls for it, so that my team is reassured that they have the resources and support to do their job well. Also, I think it is important to involve my Ladies and Gentlemen in certain key decisions so that they feel their opinions are heard and valued.

E: Who has been the most influential figure in your career to date?

N: I would say that the most influential figure in my career thus far would be Alain Ducasse. I have held various operational and management roles in Michelin-starred dining establishments under the Alain Ducasse Group across six different countries in the course of my career.  A true visionary, he is an exceptional and inspiring gentleman who has the ability to develop talents within his teams.

E: Name one really special thing about your hotel?

N: My team. Together, we are better. Our Ladies and Gentlemen are the ones who make a difference every single day with their passion and hard work.

E: How do you unwind?

N: I enjoy spending time with my sons. Swimming also helps me to unwind.

E: Dead or alive, who would you like to take out to dinner?

N: My father, as I haven’t thanked him enough for everything he has taught me in life.

The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore

7 Raffles Avenue

Singapore 039799

T: (+65) 63378888