Refined Chocolate Dining Experience at Vis a Vis

Refined Chocolate Dining Experience at Vis a Vis


JW Marriott Hotel Surabaya recently held a unique dining experience that was surely memorable in the hearts of the diners. On 7th December, the hotel’s Vis a Vis restaurant invited discerning diners to the Incredible Chocolate Dinner, a creative collaboration between Executive Chef Andri Aryono, Krakakoa Chocolate and Lindeman’s Wines. Andri meticulously crafted a seven-course dinner menu, incorporating Krakakoa Chocolate in each one, to change the common notion that chocolate is only a sweet treat that works on desserts. Each dish was then paired with the finest selection from Lindeman’s.

Atlantic scallop, coconut & cashew cacao nib

The inspired dinner included seared scallop that had been marinated with a vinaigrette edamame dressing and served with a blend of smoky coconut and cashew cacao nibs, and orange salad with sea salt and pepper chocolate. The salad comprised baby green mesclun, green frisée, citrys foam and balsamic glacier with Pacitan oranges and Krakakoa’s special sea salt and peppered chocolate blend – the dish worked perfect with Lindeman’s Bin 75 Riesling.

cream of chestnut soup, ginger chocolate 52% cocoa

Next up was the cream of chestnut soup with ginger chocolate 52% cocoa, charmingly served in a singed coconut shell. Guests were encouraged to experiment with this creative dish, by adding ginger chocolate croutons to add depth and flavours according to their liking. The 70% dark chocolate braised duck Vietnamese roll was also deliciously brilliant, served with caramelised onion, apple, jicama and fresh fig wrapping.

cinnamon dark chocolate rubbed grilled beef tenderloin

The main show is Andri’s signature cinnamon dark chocolate rubbed grilled beef tenderloin, paired with Lindeman’s Bin 80 Cabernet Merlot. Meanwhile the sweet ending was the Krakakoa chilli chocolate soufflé, topped with pistachio crumble and homemade passion fruit ice cream, complemented by Lindeman’s Bin 46 Sweet.

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