All at Seas

All at Seas

Durian Bombe

The new dining destination in Uluwatu offers the best of the best in Southeast Asian cuisine and a view to die for.

Only a few can rival The edge when it comes to exclusivity and finesse. The opulent villa resort comprises eight ultra lavish villas and world-class facilities, and the best part is that the complex is perched on a dramatic limestone cliff, overlooking the Indian Ocean 162m above the water. On the F&B front, the resort has been known for its oneeighty° day club and restaurant, boasting the aforementioned magnificent vista and light beach-inspired cuisine.

The resort recently welcomed seas, another stellar addition to its dining selection. The moniker stands for Southeast Asian, which basically describes the compact, yet eclectic, food menu. With four categories – snack, small, share and side – that sound like light bites, the portions at seas are actually quite abundant and perfect for sharing. One thing for sure, there is nothing one-dimensional about the food at seas – diners will be served a festive array of vibrant flavours and rich textures, the signatures of Southeast Asian countries.

Coconut-Grilled Lobster

A light and refreshing appetiser can be found in the smoked coral trout, served in a Thai-style betel leaf, with Thai herbs, lime leaf and salmon roe. With this dish, diners get to taste a festival of flavours in one bite.

The Singaporean chilli crab with fried mantao bun is a great choice to continue the dining journey. Before you get discouraged by the hassling thought of cracking crab shells open, the classic dish is in a practical presentation: a dollop of shredded crab meat mixed with the famous chilli sauce, served on top of perfectly fried halved mantao bread. To up the ante, a shrimp tempura serves as the cherry on top.

Come the time for mains, opt for the 500g coconut-grilled lobster served in smoked sweet soy and with coconut salad – reminiscent of Bali’s much-loved grilled Jimbaran seafood, or the Malay-style beef cheek rendang with fresh pressed coconut cream. Another enticing choice is the master stock duck salad, served with rambutan, ginger, cucumber and coriander.

The all-time favourites at seas include the sticky pork ribs on the savoury side and durian bombe on the sweet. The former combines the sweetness of the sticky pork ribs with the fresh zest of the green papaya salad and pickled chilli, resulting in a dish you definitely won’t forget. While the latter is a play on classic dessert bombe Alaska with a Southeast Asian touch: durian. Smooth and not overpowering, the flaming durian bombe makes a sweet spectacle to watch and a sweet ending to the delicious evening.

With limited seating, seas exudes elegance and intimacy, but at the same time, diners will feel at home with the comfort, friendly hospitality and top-notch service. Only open for dinner, come to seas early to enjoy the mesmerising sunset hour above the vast ocean over one or two signature cocktails.

The edge
Jalan Pura Goa Lempeh, Pecatu, Uluwatu
Bali 80364, Indonesia
T: +623618470700

Exquisite Taste March – May 2019