It’s always party time with Veuve du Vernay

It’s always party time with Veuve du Vernay

Perfect for any occasion, from the vineyards of Bordeaux, Veuve du Vernay brings forward a chic collection of traditionally crafted sparkling French wines, wines that are fresh and subtle on the palate, eminently approachable and extremely easy to drink and enjoy, no matter what the occasion.

These wines are assertive, elegant and yet beautifully simple in character and represent perhaps the ultimate expression of living, celebrating and enjoying life in the alluring classic carefree French fashion.

For a lavish wedding, a social gathering or a full-on pool party then the Veuve Du Vernay ICE and Veuve Du Vernay ICE Rosé served chilled or over ice will both impress and help ease your guests in their celebratory mood.

For something different add in a handful of roughly chopped summer fruits, some crushed ice and a leafy garnish or use as a replacement for Prosecco as the base of a fruity Bellini.

Veuve Du Vernay ICE

A delightful pale yellow with just a hint of green, the Veuve Du Vernay ICE is a well-balanced and extremely quaffable wine. Presented in a party-style embossed white champagne bottle the off-dry demi-sec has generous foam, an abundance of fine bubbles and a fine effervescence but without being excessive or fizzy. On the nose, it’s fruity with floral notes, while on the palate it’s mellow with lingering sweet raspberries and just a hint of earthiness.

Veuve Du Vernay ICE Rosé

Distinguished by its pink labelling, the ICE Rosé is a vivid yet delicate light pink colour and, like its sibling, has numerous, fine bubbles and a subtle effervescence. The two are similar on the nose with the ICE Rosé offering gentle fruit notes with forward raspberries that lead to a fruity taste and a fine acidic aftertaste that imparts a wonderful freshness. Adding ice dilutes the fruitiness a little but does nothing to diminish the very pleasurable drinking experience.