Ambar Ubud Bar Introduces Taru Pramana Menu

Ambar Ubud Bar Introduces Taru Pramana Menu

The new menu is based on an old Balinese text that promotes health and happiness by using plant-based ingredients.

Ambar, translating to sky in Sanskrit, is more than just a name – it is an invitation to embark on a journey of wellness and cultural immersion. Located atop a cliff in Ubud, Ambar Ubud Bar at Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve promises a serene sunset bar experience, offering guests handcrafted cocktails and Japanese fusion delicacies set against the breathtaking backdrop of Ubud’s sunsets, accompanied by live jazz melodies. Elevating the guest’s experience, the bar recently launched Taru Pramana, a collection of eight new healthy cocktails, merging the ancient wisdom of Lontar Taru Pramana with the rich cultural heritage of Ubud.

Monkey’s Guava

The Taru Pramana menu draws inspiration from Lontar Taru Pramana, an ancient Balinese text that extols the virtues of alternative medicine through plant-based ingredients. This sacred text emphasises affordability, accessibility and sustainability, principles that resonate deeply in today’s wellness landscape. Adi Saputra, Head Mixologist at Ambar, harnesses this ancient wisdom, meticulously crafting each cocktail to embody the essence of health and tradition.

The name Ubud itself derives from “Ubad,” the Balinese word for medicine, reflecting the abundance of medicinal flora in the Campuhan Ubud area. This historical context enhances the experience at Ambar, where each cocktail in the Taru Pramana collection is a testament to Ubud’s legacy as a traditional medicine hub.

Batur’s Lava

The Taru Pramana cocktail menu promises a sensory voyage, with each concoction expertly crafted to offer a blend of wellness and indulgence. The Ubud Prince features aromatic ginger, known for its digestive and anti-inflammatory properties, while My Grandma pays homage to the tradition of Nginang with betel leaves, celebrated for their antioxidant and antimicrobial benefits. Temu Memories is fortified with temulawak, or Javanese turmeric, supporting immune health and aiding digestion. Earthy tones come alive with Wild Field, incorporating Kepiduh leaves renowned for their calming effects. The Ambar Apperitivo tantalises with its sweet and spicy notes, infused with Kayu Manis leaf, while Sambal Kecicang offers a fiery blend of torch ginger flower, chilli and lime leaf, designed to invigorate the senses. Batur’s Lava boasts the volcanic flavours of Kintamani tangerine, providing a zesty and refreshing experience, and Monkey’s Guava is a dessert cocktail brimming with the tropical sweetness of guava leaf gomme, rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.

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