Andita Biantoro – Executive Chef at 1010 Group

Andita Biantoro – Executive Chef at 1010 Group

Andita Biantoro knows how it feels to start from the very bottom. Starting his culinary journey since he was a teenager, he’s been working in every kind of kitchens possible – from hotel, Japanese, French, to cooking in cruise ships. Now, he’s the executive chef of the 1010 Group, leading its two notable steakhouses, SIR LOIN and SILO. We sat down with Chef Andita and let him share his culinary adventures with us.

Andita Biantoro

E: How did you start working in the culinary industry at the beginning?

A: When I was a kid, I was not familiar with cooking at all. I always wanted to grow up to be a footballer. But destiny took me elsewhere – a tourism vocational high school, to be exact. The first floor of my school was basically a huge sharing kitchen for practice. I learned everything there, including dicing vegetables – which I often failed. If I’m not mistaken, the very first ever dish that I learned to make from scratch based on an actual recipe was chicken schnitzel – and I’m proud to say that I can still make one that is still as delicious. I survived the school and its hot, loud, massive kitchen and started my career as a server in a hotel before being able to hold my utensils and work in an actual kitchen. 

E: You’ve come a long way in this industry. What keeps you going until you’ve reached this point?

A: One of the things that keeps me moving forward is the competition. Because developments in the culinary world are getting bigger and better, especially in Indonesia. Therefore, I feel the need to challenge myself to continue to help develop and grow the 1010 Group. I also choose to be in the industry because I believe this field provides experience for me to become a more creative and innovative person. I am able to develop my skills while being part of a developing business in this dynamic industry.

E: Working in a steakhouse is another new adventure for you. It is also your first position as an executive chef. What are you looking forward to with this position?

A: To grow and expand my knowledge. When I first joined SIR LOIN, I had to get to know more about all types of meat. I had to be more creative to combine the right flavours for each type of meat that I use. It’s definitely a challenge, and I’m motivated to be the best, and I want to develop the 1010 Group into a power to reckon with.

E: What is it that attracts you the most to the 1010 Group when you joined them in the first place?

A: They have the same vision as I am. We want to bring the restaurants into the next level – both in quality and reputation. Then there’s the quality of products, which is exceptional for a small brand. Combined with the dine-in experience that we provide to customers, I was hooked immediately. Currently we already have three restaurants, SIR LOIN, SILO and STACK, with a forth one coming along, called SALT & SIZZLE.

E: What is your typical working day like?

A: One of my favourite parts of my job is, there is no typical day to do it. Generally, I always start with morning briefings with all the head kitchens, before organising the details. This includes checking readiness, safety, and cleanliness in every aspect of operations. Next is assigning tasks and delegating duties to the team. Of course, the most important part of running restaurants, we always do thorough quality checks for each of our products at every outlet – from the stock and the preparations, to the expiry dates. Then it’s go time for that day. However, as I said, that’s the general plan, while usually there’s always something unplanned happening. It can be anything, so the team and I have to be prepared to deal with and find a solution.

Wagyu Truffle Gyu Don

E: Lastly, as a veteran in Jakarta’s F&B scene, what is your favourite restaurant in the city and your favourite dish there?

A: No matter how far and away, I always come back to AMUZ Gourmet Restaurant and my favourite dish there since day one is its pan-seared foie gras. Unbeatable. 

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