Andrew Loudon

Andrew Loudon

Andrew Loudon
Head Bartender of TIPPLING CLUB singapore

What do you enjoy most about bartending?

A: Constantly meeting new people. The creative outlet. The nitty gritty of working behind a bar, the paperwork. The friends I have met around the world. The evolution of the cocktail bar from when I began until now. My approach has always been to perfect the art of what I do. Looking at things a thousand times over to create the best way to serve something or make a cocktail. 


Where do you get your inspiration for your cocktails?

A: Life, it could be anything – a piece of art, a classic food dish, a song, a forest, a poem, a character from a film or novel, or even the novel itself. Inspiration for me is found within the boundaries and experiences of what you place yourself within. Inspiration is everywhere. There was a famous quote I heard once which says, “some people have to look and search for inspiration, I just come to work”. I take this to mean that whatever I do and wherever I am, there will be something that inspires me; it’s just about being aware and being in the moment.


What qualities do you think a successful bartender should have?

A: Communication, the actual drink-making process and the end cocktail are a very minor point of bartending. The ability to converse around numerous subjects and with people of many different walks of life is important. Ultimately, we are in the entertainment business; a bartender should first and foremost aim to entertain their guests. 

What are three of your favourite classic cocktails? 

A: Gin Martini and Manhattan.

Two of the easiest cocktails to make on paper with just two or three ingredients each, but the delicacy of blending the ingredients and the skill of the bartender are best put to the test with these two examples. 


Sherry Cobbler.

Everything that a cocktail should be, refreshing, cooling, soothing, fruity, dry, tropical. A well-made Sherry Cobbler is my favourite all-time cocktail.   

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