Authentic Balinese Dining Experience

Authentic Balinese Dining Experience

Main Courses Served on Dulang

One of the outstanding dining destinations at The St. Regis Bali Resort is Dulang Restaurant, which has recently re-opened its doors to welcome back excited diners. Dulang Restaurant is long known and loved for serving authentic Balinese cuisine in a mesmerising setting within the resort. The restaurant incorporates nostalgic colonial décor enhanced by the surrounding lush tropical garden, creating an idyllic ambience to match the culinary offerings. 

Not only does Dulang Restaurant serve traditional Balinese cuisine it also recreates the cultural experience. A dining journey at Dulang starts with a welcome drink of Loloh Cemcem, a traditional beverage made from indigenous herbs from an ancient family recipe, served by one of the hosts. A Balinese handwashing ritual called mewacik is performed at the table before the dining starts. 

Opening the actual meal is a wide array of sambals served with home-cooked crackers. The main course is served on a dulang, a traditional royal plate, from which the restaurant gets its name. Enchanting music is played on traditional bamboo rindik, a charming companion to the Balinese dance performance. The cherry on top of the experience is the authentic Balinese desserts, such as dadar gulung, a pandan crepe roll filled with palm sugar and grated coconut, served on the side of Kopi Luwak, or civet coffee. 

Dulang Restaurant