The Barton & Guestier Story

The Barton & Guestier Story

De Magnol Bordeaux 2017, Thomas Barton Réserve Privée 2014, Margaux 2017, Marlot Réserve 2017 & Chateau Magnol 2016

Along-standing favourite among wine connoisseurs, Barton & Guestier is the oldest winehouse in Bordeaux. Founded by Irishman Thomas Barton in 1725, the brand now spans the globe and its wines can be found in more than 130 countries, including Indonesia. 

Barton & Guestier started out in business by transporting barrels and bottles along the Garonne River from the Chartrons area in central Bordeaux, sailing products to countries like Ireland, England and the Netherlands. In the late 1700s, Thomas Jefferson, one of the Founding Fathers of the USA, discovered B&G wines while serving as ambassador to France and made the winery one of his preferred suppliers during his term as third president of the United States. 

Nowadays, the brand is more than just a winery, releasing wines from all over France and working with 250 winegrowers, exporting across the world. The company homebase is still Bordeaux, where, in addition to the vineyards, are a food and wine academy, as well as a corporate hospitality hub. 

B&G’s wines are deservedly popular, with exquisite Bordeaux wines including the famous 1725 and French Tom labels: Prince Noir and the Thomas Barton Reserve Médoc. Its Red Signature appelation range is sourced from France’s many winegrowing regions, including the Loire Valley, Beaujolais, Burgundy, Rhône and Provence. There is also a selection of notable sparkling wines for celebratory moments. Unveil history and explore the range yourself.  

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