Bebek Betutu at Bumbu Bali

Bebek Betutu at Bumbu Bali


As a Balinese restaurant-cum-cooking school, Bumbu Bali prides itself on serving authentic Balinese dishes that have been made strictly using traditional methods. Bumbu Bali’s bebek betutu is particularly unique because it is a version of the dish that is almost impossible to find elsewhere.

Why? Because the authentic way to cook bebek betutu takes almost 12 hours, so most hotels and tourist restaurants resort to steaming the duck for just 45 minutes then roasting it in an oven to give it the signature crispy exterior.

Refusing to sacrifice on quality, Bumbu Bali’s chefs create their bebek betutu the authentic way. First, the ducks are rubbed and stuffed with a mix of spices, from the fiery hot ‘mother of Balinese spice,’ basa gede, as well as aromatic roots and other strong flavours to compliment the richness of the bird.

After seasoning, the ducks are then wrapped into parcels using betel nut bark to completely seal in the bird, stopping any moisture from escaping. The parcels are then placed on a steel plate and covered with a terracotta pot. This pot is then buried into the ground with embers of rice husks, slowly and gradually cooking the duck for around 8-10 hours.

Unlike most cooking methods where juices and moisture are cooked out of the meat, the compact packages retain the juices allowing the moist spicy stuffing to seep into the bird. The meat is, in effect, steamed, but instead of using boiling water, the natural internal moisture infuses the duck with a beautifully spicy aroma.

The result is simply incredible. The flavourful meat falls off of the bone and the different levels of spiciness and earthiness is pleasantly overwhelming. For a truly exceptional bite, dip the meat into the juices that had gradually developed during the cooking process, then mix with Bumbu Bali’s spiced marinade and rice.