Boy’N’Cow Meat Boutique

Boy’N’Cow Meat Boutique

Strategically located at the start of Seminyak’s famous Eat Street, Boy’N’Cow is a rustic dining haven, especially for carnivores and meat lovers. First timers will recognise the establishment right away. From the outside, it looks like an industrial warehouse, only adorned with the namesake sign. Inside, it’s trendy, it’s warm, it’s cosy and more importantly, the sight and smell will definitely rouse the appetite.

The main star of Boy’N’Cow is the meat – obviously – and the culinary team here really knows what they’re doing with the succulent cuts. The restaurant sources its grain- or grass-fed beef from sustainable farms in Australia and the United States, before dry-aging the beef for 28 days right alongside the restaurant’s kitchen. The chefs then meticulously break down the beef to perfectly juicy cuts ready to be prepped. All it takes is just a little bit of oil and Boy’N’Cow’s signature rub before the beef is grilled on the charcoal-fuelled gaucho grill and brought to your table.

Australian 900g porterhouse

Choose from cuts like striploin, rib eye and tenderloin to have your meaty goodness. That said, don’t miss the non-steak or beefless dishes! Start with the foie gras served with port grape jam and toasted brioche, or the beef striploin carpaccio, or Parma ham with 63-degree egg, mushroom and asparagus. Share some steak tartare or bone marrow with your companions while waiting for the main dishes to arrive. If you have a big group and appetite with you, why not try the 900g Australian porterhouse? Don’t forget to add four side dishes for the whole table at a special price. Before and/or after the dinner, you might want to head to the mezzanine level to the restaurant’s cocktail lounge and try one of Boy’N’Cow’s intoxicating tipples.


  • USDA 1kg prime tomahawk
  • Australian 900g porterhouse
  • 60-day dry-aged sirloin wagyu

Boy’N’Cow Meat Boutique

Jalan Raya Kerobokan 138, Seminyak

Bali 80361, Indonesia

T: (+62) 3619348468 / 81237941047


Exquisite Taste December 2019 – February 2020