Boy’N’Cow Meat Boutique

Boy’N’Cow Meat Boutique

Located in the vibrant eating district of Seminyak, Boy’N’Cow has cemented its reputation as an upscale steak house, meat boutique and cocktail lounge. 

Appearance-wise, Boy’N’Cow is definitely not your average run-off-the-mill steakhouse, with plaster coming off the wall illustrating equally aged bricks and wide windows. Is it an industrial warehouse? A Swedish post-modern style living space? A deconstructed interpretation of a stylish barn? The answers may vary, but its international quality does not.

Entering through the main door, guests are greeted by a wonderful aroma that comes from quality meats being cooked to perfection. But there’s more than meets the eye (and nose) at Boy’N’Cow. The dining venue’s speakeasy bar – located on the second floor of the compound – hides a pleasant surprise for liquor enthusiasts looking to indulge their taste buds with quality post-dinner pre-party drinks.

Helmed by a young, aspiring mixologist, Bar Head Cakra, has won an array of mixologist competitions around the island. The Boy’N’Cow speakeasy bar cocktail list will fulfill every guest’s desire for quality drinks, and spark new appreciation for modern cocktails. 

The classic selection will not disappoint either; especially the mind-blowing 20-day barrel aged negroni which will provide unforgettable moments at the bar. Made from premium gin, campari and sweet vermouth it is aged in white oak barrels for 20 days to create a complex smoky and smooth sherry aftertaste. The extensive selection of single malt whiskey adds another welcome dimension for guests.  

Top 3 Tipples

  • Summer Love
  • Rosella Margarita
  • Barrel Aged Negroni

Boy’N’Cow Meat Boutique 

Jalan Raya Kerobokan 138,
Seminyak, Bali, 80361

T: (+62) 3619348468