Carlos Barvo Miss Fish

Carlos Barvo Miss Fish

From the outside, Miss Fish doesn’t give much away. The façade is sleek with clean lines resembling waves or kelp and there’s no flashy neon board or any signage to hint at what is being offered inside. However, considering its location on Jalan Raya Semat in Bali’s Canggu area – known for popular dining and drinking establishments – those in the know would understand that there is an enlightening culinary experience to be discovered at Miss Fish. 

Stepping in to Miss Fish is like entering a glamorous getaway. The interior is elegant, combining sultry colours and lush materials that show pure class. Inside, guests can find the Omakase Bar, the Patio, and the Lounge – each offering a journey that you and your palate won’t forget. 

Helmed by passionate Executive Chef Carlos Barvo, Miss Fish draws inspiration from the delicate art of Japanese cuisine, infusing a modern culinary concept and incorporating gastronomic influences from Europe and Latin America. The result is a modern Japanese dining destination with a thoughtfully innovative menu. 

Start your evening at the Omakase Bar – the space is limited, so reservations are paramount. You can also enjoy your meal in the Patio or the Lounge, but a front-row seat at the bar to watch the culinary wizards is the way to go. Sit along with 11 other diners at the Omakase Bar and enjoy the culinary ride crafted and served by Carlos and his talented culinary team. 

Diners can see first-hand how the talented chefs use the philosophy and discipline of a Japanese kitchen to respect the ingredients. Using only the freshest and best quality ingredients, the dishes are simple, letting each produce shine and complement the others without losing
its character. 

Miss Fish takes pride in its Edomae-style sushi rolls that are made à la minute to ensure each element of the roll maintains its quality and to avoid soggy nori. Another stellar dish to try is the symphony of flavours and textures that is the Tom Yum Shiromi with its baby starfruit, tom yum vinaigrette, lime oil, coriander, green onion and marinated shiitake. The unforgettable star, however, is the Foie Gras Giomaki, a luscious ensemble of sushi rice, tuna, truffle cream cheese, brûléed brown sugar, torched foie gras and sea salt. 

Extend the evening at Miss Fish lounge, a seductive venue with the promise of a night to remember. Choose from the Japanese-inspired classic cocktails, or opt for a creative concoction from the signature cocktails section. The venue also presents curated live music every week to set the mood. 

E: How would you define Miss Fish in your own words?

A: Miss Fish is a modern Japanese gastronomic concept, with European and Latin American influences. 

E: What is the biggest challenge you’ve come across while establishing the concept and menu for Miss Fish, and how did you overcome it?

A: The biggest challenge we found was the adaptation process from the Spanish supply chain, where you can find almost any ingredient with the best of the best quality in the world, to the Balinese market, which requires more anticipation and imports for a lot of the premium items.

E: Where do you usually get your inspirations for your culinary creations?

A: The creative process is extremely variable, some of our creations come from very traditional procedures in Japanese culinary arts, but others are moments of creativity that come to our mind by watching other chef’s preparations, and by watching documentaries and experimenting with new, endemic ingredients; all of these elements combined help us to create such an innovative menu.

E: What do you think is the key to be a successful chef?

A: Of course, there are lots of basic skills that a chef must have, like discipline, passion, meticulousness, cleanliness, and many others. But after many years in this industry, I’ve realised that the most important factor is the people that you surround yourself with, because your team really makes that success possible; without them you are just a creator of plates. With all that, and driven by your passion for food and making people enjoy flavours, you have all the keys to become a successful chef. 

E: What is the most memorable moment in your career?

A: My career has given me lots of amazing moments, happiness, success, personal and professional recognition, and many more feelings through the years. However, the top memory for me is being the personal chef for Neymar’s 25th birthday in Barcelona, and being able to cook for some of my idols, like Lionel Messi, Shakira, Juan Luis Guerra, and many more. 

E: How would you describe your career journey in the culinary industry?

A: This has been a crazy journey, but most of it has been possible due to hard work, a clear vision of my goals, and finding my own place in the industry. 

E: What advice would you give to those who would like to get into the industry?

A: For anyone who would like to get in the culinary and hospitality industry, I would recommend they get an education first. And by education I do not mean you must go to culinary school, but to wisely choose their first jobs as these greatly influence and impact our journey. Once they have their foundation, then they should follow their passion and instinct.  


  • Toro hand roll
  • Foie Gras Giomaki
  • Sakoshi Bay Oysters

Miss Fish



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