Celebrate with Champagne

Celebrate with Champagne


Two great Dom Pérignon champagnes that you can enjoy right now

In the 17th century, the monk Dom Pierre Pérignon, the spiritual father of champagne, nurtured an ambition to create “the best wine in the world”. Three centuries later, Dom Pérignon preserves this vision with champagnes synonymous with luxury and sophistication characterised by their ripeness, vibrancy, lightness, intensity and potential to age.

Dom Pérignon only produces vintage champagne and each is a unique creation with a distinct identity. If the fruit doesn’t satisfy the Dom Pérignon Champagne criteria, then there won’t be a vintage that year.

Dom Pérignon 2008

The 2008 was released in late 2018 as a legacy edition champagne, with the general release to follow this year. A seriously collectable champagne and one that will age magnificently, it’s also superb to drink right now and one that oozes class and pizazz. 

With subtle complexity, this big-hitting champagne is fresh on the nose with a mingling of white flowers, citrus and stone fruits enhanced by the freshness of aniseed and crushed mint, and as it breathes spicy, woody and roasted notes appear. Creamy and with the finest of bubbles, the vintage’s characteristic acidity is remarkably well integrated offering light, sweet spices, stone and fine citrus fruits and a lasting zesty finish.

The connoisseur’s choice, the 2008 vintage makes a bold statement. Perfect for any celebration or enjoying just because you can, there are few finer champagnes. Serve with strawberries, caviar, foie gras or strong seafood.

Serve between 7 and 9°C.

Dom Pérignon Rosé 2006

Released in 2016, the Dom Pérignon Rosé 2006 is a mesmerising, ripe, and complex champagne that offers a blend of dark spices and cocoa, which develop very quickly into fruity aromas with roasted fig and apricot and candied orange.

In the mouth, the fullness of the wine is immediately striking. Its intensity and succulence set the tone through the sweetness and crisp punch of the flavours. The silky mouthfeel melts into a smooth, tight, and grainy structure with just a hint of vegetable flavours.

The Rosé Vintage 2006 can be drunk alone or served with simple cuisine from southern Europe.

Serve between 10°C and 12°C

Dom Pérignon

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