Clearly Chic

Clearly Chic

A casual haute cuisine venue in the hip neighbourhood of Senopati, Lume Restaurant and Lounge promises superlative French and Italian fine dining for Jakartans.

Jalan Suryo in the Senopati enclave continues to transform into a hub for discerning diners and revellers with the recent opening of Lume
Restaurant and Lounge. The décor in Lume screams chic. The pale pink explosion is the work of architect Andika Japa Wibisana from A&Partners and incorporates complementary copper accents and playful design features from pink velvet upholstered chairs to ceramic tableware designed by Gaya. A few outlying artworks also create a renaissance flair – for instance, a lavish illustration of Plato and Aristotle welcomes patrons as they enter the restaurant.

Likewise, the clear and elegant design can also be found on the new AQUA Reflections mineral water bottle. The new design will grace Reflections’ still and sparkling water bottles in both 380ml and 750ml sizes. Joining the #BijakBerplastik initiative to reduce the amount of plastic waste, AQUA Reflections will no longer use plastic sleeves on its bottles. With such a humble mission, the clear and clean taste of AQUA Reflections mineral water is the perfect palate cleanser in between dishes offered in a hip joint like Lume.

The two-storey restaurant cooks up modern French and Italian food. Born to an Italian father and French mother, and raised in Naples, owner and Executive Chef Nicola Mondelli has the best of both worlds in his culinary make-up. Combined with Japanese techniques, Nicola’s cooking gives a new meaning to French and Italian cuisine.

Just like Nicola, who values his French-Italian roots, the new AQUA Reflections bottle is adorned in a clear design that tells the origin story of where it all started. Inspired by the purity of the single sourced water from Mount Salak, where the water has been filtered through layers of volcanic rocks for years and infused with precious minerals, each drop of Reflections’ water presents nature’s gift to those who enjoy it.

In Lume, guests pair their hearty meal with a bottle of AQUA Reflections mineral water. Diners can enjoy the elegant layers of flavours in the perfectly pan-seared pork belly gyoza served with mushroom sauce and balsamic reduction, matched with the pure, balanced flavour of AQUA Reflections mineral water. The spicy risotto, which comes with sautéed mussels, prawns and scallops, is perfect paired with an icy cold glass of AQUA Reflections sparkling mineral water. Overall, it’s a delightful finish to a wonderfully rich meal.

Lume Restaurant and Lounge

Jalan Suryo No. 30, Senopati

Jakarta 12180, Indonesia

T: (+62) 2172788750


Exquisite Taste June – August 2019