Contemporarily Cantonese

Contemporarily Cantonese

Dynasty restaurant is the place to go to enjoy the ultimate experience and flavours of Hong Kong.

Barbecue pork

Among the things no one should miss on a visit to Hong Kong are the city’s iconic skyline and really good Chinese cuisine, both of which can be found at Dynasty restaurant at Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong. Located on the 3rd floor of the hotel, the design of this award-winning Chinese restaurant combines elaborate and intriguing elements of Chinese heritage with a contemporary twist, set against the beautiful backdrop of Victoria Harbour.

When it comes to its cuisine, Dynasty takes pride in its menu, which pays homage to Dynastic period recipes, combined with new dishes from the chef. Leading the distinctive kitchen is Executive Chef Suen Kam Sing, who has more than 30 years of culinary experience, after working for various award-winning and Michelin-starred restaurants, like Lei Garden and Nanhai No. 1. Suen combines his culinary philosophy of creating new twists to indigenous Cantonese dishes, making Dynasty a unique dining destination.

Deep Fried Lobster with Homemade Sauce and Deep Fried Bun

Showcasing an extensive (and impressive!) array of Cantonese food, some of Chef Suen’s signature dishes include barbequed pork and deep-fried lobster in homemade sauce. But why stop there when so many more exquisite options are available for your palate’s amusement. On the barbeque front, goose, crispy pork brisket and chicken options are on offer. And don’t miss the bird nest, abalone and dried seafood and daily catch selections.

The latest of Chef Suen’s special creations is the North American Dungeness Crab Dynasty Indulgence. For a limited time until 27th August, Dynasty offers, not one, not  two, but six dishes with the North American Dungeness crab as the star. First in line is the steamed Dungeness crab with egg white in Huadio wine. The crab meat is infused with 25-year Huadio wine and topped with egg white that deliciously absorbs the crab’s sweetness and the wine’s fragrance.

For a more unique twist, try the cold Dungeness crab Chaozhou style. The popular cold Chinese dish highlights the natural sweet flavour of the meat, complemented by three signature vinegar dipping sauces – balsamic vinegar, black rice vinegar and garlic vinegar. Meanwhile the baked Dungeness crab in shell with pepper has a Southeast Asian touch, using Thailand’s green pepper – not usually found in Cantonese cuisine – shallot, red bell pepper and some chilli spices. For an umami flavour, you can’t go wrong with the steamed Dungeness crab in bean paste sauce. The slightly salty black bean paste sauce is an authentic Chaozhou condiment that brings out the umami aftertaste in the crab meat.

There are many more unbelievably scrumptious dishes on the seasonal Dungeness crab menu and the regular menu. Dynasty even has a celebration menu, meticulously designed for any special celebration, which can be held in one (or more) of the restaurant’s eight exclusive private dining rooms.

Deep fried cashew and shredded taro