A Culinary Journey Through Indonesia with Padma Hotels

A Culinary Journey Through Indonesia with Padma Hotels

This Indonesian establishment deeply rooted in the ethos of locality, stands as a beacon of pride in offering an exquisite array of Indonesian delicacies.

Indonesian afternoon tea at Padma Hotel Bandung

The heart of Padma Hotel Semarang beats to an authentic Javanese rhythm, inviting guests to immerse themselves in a flavourful breakfast at the hotel’s Semawis All-Day Dining restaurant that epitomises the rich tapestry of Indonesian cuisine. From the iconic Soto Semarang to the aromatic Wedang Ronde, the buffet showcases a spectrum of tastes, ensconced in stalls reminiscent of local food vendors.

Lunchtime in Resinda Hotel Karawang is not merely a meal; it’s a vibrant celebration of Indonesia’s culinary legacy. The Oryza Restaurant curates an experience that transcends mere sustenance, offering dishes like Pindang Iga Resinda and Woku Ayam Bakar that serve as a conduit to warmth and tradition.

Padma Hotel Bandung, nestled in West Java, sets a serene stage for an Indonesian afternoon tea, evoking nostalgia through bites of Tahu Susu and Kerupuk Banjur. The Restaurant entices patrons to explore the depth of Indonesian cuisine, presenting tantalising dishes like Bebek Kecombrang and Sop Buntut.

Indonesian breakfast at Padma Hotel Semarang

As dusk falls, Padma Resort Legian in Bali unfolds an opulent Balinese buffet dinner, an extravaganza of local specialities such as Babi Guling and Sate Lilit, accompanied by the mesmerising rhythm of Balinese dance performances. Meanwhile, Padma Resort Ubud offers an elevated culinary journey at The Puhu Restaurant, where Sop Buntut and Daging Sambal Hijau harmonise with the scenic backdrop of Payangan Bamboo Forests.

Padma Hotels’ commitment to preserving and exalting the mosaic of Indonesian flavours is a testament to their reverence for locality. The invitation extends beyond the confines of lodging; both in-house guests and wanderers seeking a gastronomic odyssey are welcome to savour these delights. 

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