A Delightful Dinner Collaboration

A Delightful Dinner Collaboration

Botarga Karasumi Pasta

Ubud meets Nusa Dua in this exclusive collaborative dinner between Izakaya by OKU x Apéritif. 

Bali’s thriving culinary scene saw two of the most respected dining venues, one from Ubud and one from Nusa Dua, present a special collaborative dinner on 10 October to the delight of distinguished diners. Held at Apéritif Ubud, diners from around Bali got to witness Apéritif’s Chef Nic Vanderbeeken alongside Chef Deni Koswara from Izakaya by OKU at The Apurva Kempinski Bali doing what they do best, which is create memorable dishes that satisfy the senses.

Nic Vanderbeeken & Deni Koswara

With 20 years in the kitchen under his belt, chef Nic heads his team at Apéritif on a gastronomic journey where everything is to be savoured and fully enjoyed. The event with Izakaya by OKU attested to his penchant for cross-cultural collaborations, presenting Japanese cuisine as part of the restaurant’s cuisines of the world. Through this unique collaboration, both chefs prepared signature dishes from each restaurant, with diners treated to an array of mouth-watering dishes, including Izakaya by OKU’s OKU Karaage, Karasumi Pasta, Truffle Gyu Don and Ishi Zen, as well as Apéritif’s tsukemono, tofu, opu fish and matcha-highlighted affair.

“We are thrilled to introduce Izakaya by OKU to Ubud’s culinary scene,” Chef Deni Koswara said. “Chef Nic and his team at Apéritif have been a great force to work with. It was an amazing opportunity for us.”

Izakaya by OKU

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