Dine by Day

Dine by Day


Specialising in cutting-edge Japanese cuisine, BLOWFISH Kitchen and Bar is the highly acclaimed and award-winning contemporary Japanese restaurant and nightlife destination in Jakarta.

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Sophisticated dining by day, and world-class clubbing by night, BLOWFISH leads as the capital’s premier hedonistic hotspot. Designed to dazzle, BLOWFISH awakens the senses with its avant-garde décor and distinctive culinary delights, in an exuberant celebration of Japanese food, culture and innovative design.

BLOWFISH Kitchen and Bar presents diners with a contemporary take on Japanese cuisine, integrating Western ingredients and techniques, with traditional Japanese cooking. Sample the chef’s signature sushi rolls at the illuminated onyx sushi counter, from Australian wagyu beef with sauteed enoki mushrooms, to the crispy “le paradis” rolls topped with foie gras and mango coulis. For a nibble as pleasurable as it’s name suggests, the Orgasmic Roll features baked scallops over California rolls, delicately mixed with salmon and avocado, and dressed with a “dynamite sauce”. Sumptuous main courses and light appetisers also grace the menu, such as the velvety honey-baked salmon with a garlic creamy sauce, or the oven-cooked beef tenderloin udon heavenly matched with sauteed mushrooms.

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Learning his sushi ropes at several Japanese Restaurants in the San Francisco bay – including Ariake, Ichi Ban, Hanamaru and Kamakura – Spanish-born Executive Chef Hugo Adrian brings 8 years of experience in Japanese-American fusion to the vibrant kitchens of BLOWFISH. Falling in love with Japanese food, and revelling in the continuous challenge of developing exciting culinary creations to please demanding Japanese palates, Chef Adrian states, “the simplicity yet at the same time the complexity of this type of food, makes it one of the most beautiful cuisines in the world”.

Adjacent to the vivacious restaurant stands the lounge at BLOWFISH, offering after-dinner delights in the form of signature cocktails, premium spirits, red and white vintages, and an abundance of bubbles. As the late night approaches and the party heats up, look out for the BLOWFISH Fireball – a flaming tower of Sambuca and Kahlúa.

Showcasing ethnic Japanese design elements within an edgy and modern décor, the lounge and dance floor is awash with wild colour and sensual lighting. A photographic mural of a “yakuza”-tattooed female adorns the eye-catching ceiling, seductively looking down at the resident and international DJ’s as they spin and RnB anthems into the early hours of the weekend.


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