Ding Dong Restaurant

Ding Dong Restaurant

Small Plates Big Flavour

The name ‘Ding Dong’ may incite a few giggles, but the new restaurant from renowned chef and restaurateur Ryan Clift is no laughing matter. Adding a fresh dose of excitement to the charming Ann Siang neighbourhood, Ding Dong leads the city’s tapas dining trend with a unique Southeast Asian small plates concept.


Having started his culinary career at the tender age of 14 at a 1 Michelin Star restaurant near his hometown of Devizes, Wiltshire (UK), Clift worked his way up from washing dishes to becoming a young culinary protégé. Determined to take modern food and cocktail pairing to a new level, he and his team launched Tippling Club in 2008, hailed as one of Singapore’s top restaurants and a Miele Guide award winner in 2010.
Following up to Tippling Club’s success, Clift recently launched the much-anticipated Ding Dong restaurant with the help of The Spa Esprit Group, a visionary and trendsetting design team that is always on the cutting-edge of style. The result? A funky neon sign welcomes you to a nondescript entrance that leads into a two-storey dining room with pops of Chinese red on the walls and a simple black bar lined with royal blue barstools.

Spiced with gutsy flavours, Ding Dong’s innovative menu showcases Clift’s refined style of cooking. Equally as stunning as the sophisticated, Asian-inspired décor, Clift’s creative cuisine is artfully presented with his signature flair for beautiful plating. Indulge in familiar Asian flavours infused with hints of Western influence and progressive techniques, fused in harmony to create a new taste profile that is at once surprising and addictive.




Ding Dong’s small plates concept encourages sharing and discovering the array of flavours that he has curated from a variety of culinary cultures. Offering a modern take on a familiar cuisine, Clift gains inspiration from traditional food and presents them in an unusual way, often with fire, dry ice or other inventive molecular gastronomy techniques.  Elevating this concept even higher, Ding Dong presents a premium line of signature cocktail utilizing top quality spirits that you are encouraged to pair with dishes creating a true culinary journey. With six years of experience in the city, Clift has been fully immersed in the local culture and it’s exciting to see his interpretation of the region’s cuisine and what he comes up with.

If you have been craving a succulent feast, Ding Dong is exactly what the doctor ordered during a leisurely grazing lunch or dinner. Offering an eclectic blend of everything that’s amazing in Southeast Asia, Clift has mastered the use of the region’s spices and ingredients, which he infuses into each dish with a unique essence. His Scallop Ceviche is beyond fresh, prepared in a Vietnamese – Thai style with soft scallops, fresh coriander and lime, chilli, and bean sprouts wrapped up in Chinese cabbage. Pair this dish with a vodka-based Golden Mile cocktail and there will no doubt be a smile on your face.

Clift’s Five-spice Lamb Ribs are deep-fried in a light batter and fall right off the bone. Forget the utensils and dig in with your bare hands, everyone else will be doing the same thing, so there’s no need to be shy. The Red Curry Wagyu Short Ribs are simply divine, with a slightly fatty wagyu in an aromatic and spicy red curry reduction. A coating of freshly sliced young green mango gives this dish just the right explosion of tart. Finish the evening with his simple, yet imaginative Malacca Chendol 2013, an interesting adaptation of South East Asia’s beloved Chendol, made with popcorn, ice cream and nuts.





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