Edogin at The Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas

Edogin at The Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas


The Japanese believe that food should satisfy all of the five senses. They believe it should be prepared with great care and presented with an equal amount of intricacy. And most importantly, it should always be fresh and healthy.


With this in mind, and coupled with expertly mastered traditional hospitality, Edogin at The Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas brings Bali the finest in Japanese dining. The sensual experience started the second I stepped through Edogin’s glass doors, with the sounds of sizzling, hissing and spitting woks and the distinct aromas of Japanese cuisine wafting throughout the dining room. It’s Friday night and the restaurant is teaming with Japanese food enthusiasts. Some are enjoying the extensive a la carte menu, others, sitting around the teppanyaki bar, are enjoying a la minute steaks, fresh seafood and an acrobatic display of culinary artistry from the chefs, who slice and chop with military precision. I am here to indulge in the Edogin buffet, where a beautiful display of some of the best and most authentic Japanese dishes on the island are served every Friday and Saturday evening.

See, Smell, Hear, Touch … Taste.

One of the many things I love about Japanese food is the way in which it is consumed – swapping, sharing and enjoying an array of flavours. The buffet is ideal for this, serving everything from sushi and sashimi selections to teriyaki, tempura and ribeye steaks made to order. Not to mention the colourful and scrumptious spread of yummy desserts for afters.

The staff are dressed in traditional kimonos, and their attention to detail is impeccable. When I look a little perplexed while scouring the stretch of sashimi served in every shape and size, I am immediately assisted by a friendly face, who is happy to explain each bite, right down to the way it is prepared. Lobster, salmon, tuna, white marlin, scallops – the list is as long as the seafood is delicious. The tataki was a firm favourite of mine, a preparation in which quickly pan-seared sashimi takes on a smoky, vinegary lip while leaving the succulent raw meat untouched on the inside.

For a true work of art, visit the sushi counter, showcasing a veritable rainbow of different rolls and nigiri masterpieces. The temaki and hosomaki rolls are outstanding, bursting with fresh, clean ingredients. Think crumbly crabmeat and avocado, or perfectly sliced salmon with a crunchy cucumber wedge. The temaki cones are rolled to perfection – each one an identical match to its brothers and sisters.

As I move on to more substantial bites, the robatayaki and teppanyaki live cooking stations are beckoning. The open kitchen is a treat in itself, allowing you to watch the masterful chefs at work flipping, slicing, seasoning and sculpting. The five sense truly get awaken here.

Tender lamb chops are barbecued with my own personal selection of flavourings – garlic, onion and a little sprinkling of chilli – then chopped into precise, chopstick-friendly cubes. A spectrum of sauces accompany the grilled treats, from soy and ponzu to wasabi and barbecue. I savour the slices of strip loin and ribeye steak without any additional flavouring as they have been flawlessly seasoned prior to sizzling.




A Sweet Note

The dessert display could be an entire buffet in itself, extending from the homemade ice cream counter to a spread of cupcakes, jellies, tiramisu, crème brulee and everything in between. The tiramisu is served in an elegant martini glass, brimming with rich and decadent coffee and chocolate flavours, while quaint cupcakes are individually topped with an edible “Mulia” placard.

The ice cream counter sends my inner child into jubilant turmoil, tempting with a variety of mouthwatering homemade flavours; sesame, strawberry, ginger, green tea, caramel and white chocolate with orange, to name just a few. The latter three were a surprisingly delicious mix, topped with sweet and savoury toppings of your choosing. Kiwi, strawberry, mango and pineapple, or chocolate, peanuts, raisins, cookies and marshmallows – the sweet selection seem never-ending though I certainly attempt to try them all…

A Final Thought

Located on the Promenade level overlooking a tranquil view of Mulia Lake, Edogin is the latest dining outlet at the ultra-luxurious Mulia Resort. With its sleek and contemporary interior, the restaurant echoes the extravagance and opulence of its world-class hotel host, while the minimal décor, in hues of gold and brown, let the food speak for itself.

And with such an interactive and spellbinding dining experience, the food certainly says a lot. The simple yet luxurious flavours epitomise true Japanese cuisine, presenting beautifully crafted delicacies that enliven the senses. The smells are captivating, the sights are works of art. The sounds of “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” compliment the busy, hands-on chefs, and the tastes are out of this world.


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