Emmanuel Nelo

Emmanuel Nelo

Director of Food & Beverage at The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place

E: Describe your typical day in a sentence.
Nelo: I start with an early morning workout and a good breakfast before I check on the restaurants and have meetings.

E: So how did you come to be the Director of F&B for The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place?
N: I was born to do it actually! My family owned a restaurant so I literally grew up in the kitchens. I studied hotel and restaurant management in Mexico and I’ve always been passionate about food and wine. I joined The Ritz-Carlton family almost 11 years ago and I’ve enjoyed every single day since.

E: What’s the toughest part of your job?
E: This job requires one to move from one location to another, so I guess the toughest part is not spending as much time as I would like with my family and being away from my home country.

E: And what makes you smile at work?
N: It has been two months since I arrived in Jakarta and this has been the smoothest transition ever. Indonesians are so charming and genuine that it is hard not to smile every day.

E: What motivates you?
N: I’m a very family-oriented person. My wife and son are my main motivation.

E: Would things fall apart if you weren’t around?
N: I’m surrounded by professionals. My team at The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place is very experienced and makes my life easier, things run smoothly when I’m not around.



E: Who, in your team, deserves more recognition and why?
N: As I mentioned before, I’m lucky being part of this team. The first line of contact with our guests and clients are the life and soul of the hotel. The genuine care shown in every interaction makes the hotel a unique one. My team deserves all the credit.

E: Why should people choose The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place to dine?
N: We have a talented culinary team led by our Executive Chef Sean Macdougall, which assures quality and passion in every dish. Our service staff are genuine and deliver impeccable service. As a teaser, we are doing a soft renovation of the Pacific restaurant this year.

E: Away from work, what’s your favourite place to eat?
N: I’m pretty new in the gastronomic scene in Jakarta so the search is still ongoing. I really love Mexican food and Spanish tapas though.

E: How do you unwind?
N: I work out every morning. It gives me the opportunity to start fresh every day and to de-stress. At night, wine and Netflix is a winning combination.

E: Finally, any advice for those looking to break into the industry?
N: If I may be blunt, I would advise them to think twice before joining the industry. Working on weekends and holidays is not for everyone. But if you really feel this is your passion, go for it. There are endless opportunities to learn in new places.