Exploring the Elusive Essence of Jura

Exploring the Elusive Essence of Jura

Discover the allure of Jura Whisky, a gem crafted on the remote Isle of Jura off Scotland’s west coast.
With a rich history, unique distillation process and commitment to quality, Jura offers a range of exceptional single malts that capture the essence of this pristine island. Explore the artistry and tradition that make Jura Whisky an extraordinary expression of Scotland’s whisky heritage.

by Runi Indrani

Nestled just 60 miles off the rugged west coast of Scotland, the Isle of Jura is a captivating jewel spanning 132 square miles. This remote and pristine island offers a breathtaking landscape, where untamed mountains, tranquil lochs and tempestuous seas converge to create a truly awe-inspiring natural wonder.

Jura, with its singular road, lone pub and solitary whisky distillery, is a place of unparalleled beauty and seclusion. Home to a close-knit community of around 230 members, this island embodies the values of trust and collective well-being, traits rarely found elsewhere. The heart of this community beats within the Jura distillery, where every individual plays a role in producing the finest whisky, contributing to the prosperity of their cherished island home.

Established in 1810 and granted an official license in 1831, the Jura distillery was reinvigorated in 1963 to serve as the lifeblood of the community. Today, it stands as a symbol of resilience, with approximately 212 residents proudly calling Jura their home.

The iconic rounded bottles of Jura Whisky are recognisable worldwide, and are not just vessels; they symbolise a seafaring heritage, designed to withstand the harshest of journeys from their island home to the far corners of the globe.

The distillation process at Jura is marked by tall stills – some of the tallest in Scotland, which impart a light spirit with notes of stone fruits, freshly cut grass and a gentle coastal essence. Their exceptional height contributes to the purity of the spirit, exemplifying the lengths to which Jura goes to create exceptional whisky.

Maturity is a hallmark of Jura Single Malt Whisky, with all expressions maturing in American white oak ex-bourbon barrels. These barrels, along with a selection of European and American oak casks that previously held sherry, red wine, rum and more, create layers of flavour and texture in the whisky. These casks capture the sweetness of oak that has defined the distillery’s style over the years.

The whisky-making team at Jura carefully assembles the component parts to craft each expression, infusing a touch of their island home, community and passion into every bottle.

Jura’s commitment to quality extends to the barley it uses, with 95 percent being unpeated (unsmoked) malt and only 5 percent of malt used peated (smoked), a practice harkening back to the distillery’s origins in 1810.

Pure water plays a vital role in shaping the character of Jura Whisky. It begins its journey from the Paps of Jura, the island’s tallest mountains, filtering down to Market Loch below and eventually reaching the distillery. This pristine water source contributes to the unique profile of Jura Single Malt.

With its rich history, commitment to quality and unique island influences, Jura Whisky offers a range of exceptional expressions, including the Signature Series and a collection of distinctive single malts that capture the essence of this remote and captivating island.

Tasting Notes

12 Years

Dark chocolate, honey, walnut and soft citrus
Coffee, salted bananas, liquorice, brown sugar

18 Years

Rosewood gold
Bold red fruits, toffee, crème anglaise and cinnamon
Warm spice and rich black forest fruit, bolstered by cooked raspberries and strawberries and a hint of chocolate

Seven Wood

Mahogany gold
Coffee, ginger spice and a hint of chocolate
Baked peach, crème caramel, liquorice and candied orange

12 Years Sherry Cask

Rich antique amber
Honey, vanilla, toffee, chocolate and almond
Richly dark – sweet, ripe plums, sherry-soaked raisins, fig, mango, seville orange zest and coffee

Exquisite Taste Volume 41

Jura Whisky


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