Fire at W Bali – Seminyak

Fire at W Bali – Seminyak

Located at W Bali – Seminyak, the award-winning restaurant, FIRE, has unveiled the elevated EMBER by FIRE brunch ritual, where the myths and fairytales are craftily combined with rich flavours of the exotic island’s locally sourced ingredients. This exceptional brunch occurs on the first Sunday of every month from 12pm to 3.30pm.

FIRE will highlight contemporary touch on the authentic flavours of the Balinese spices that collide with the freshly-caught seafood and high-quality meat, and are sizzled using coconut husk to create the aromatic flavours.

FIRE recognises that brunch should be taken as seriously as any other meal, so the menu is designed in a sequence that will take guests on a step-by-step culinary journey to elevate guests’ dining experience through discovering plenty of top-notch mouthwatering dishes.

The new ritual serves à la carte-style dishes with cocktail and wine pairing available and comprises several sections including freshly baked starters, and then warming up with options like salmon carpaccio, kaffir lime curing local tuna, and foie gras. 

Tickle the taste buds with the grilled offerings presenting fresh lobster, octopus and calamari with fresh condiments including salsa verde, lemon garlic butter and chimichurri. Additionally, indulge in the signature Tomahawk and spicy chorizo sausage, which will surely delight your senses. All plates are grilled by the guests’ tables to show just what goes into the old cooking method that has made FIRE what it is. 

Croque Monsieur, Warm Croissants & Slow-Cooked Pork Belly With Egg Benedict

As the culinary voyage reaches its conclusion, guests are invited to indulge in a selection of artisanal cheeses accompanied by thoughtfully curated condiments. This refined offering is designed to provide a harmonious transition from the main courses to the tantalising array of desserts that awaits. The journey concludes with a variety of rolling sweets, intended to cleanse the palate and leave guests with a lasting impression of this exceptional dining experience.

Foie Gras

FIRE’s elevated Sunday brunch ritual not only showcases the culinary expertise of the restaurant but also pays homage to the rich flavours of Bali, blending traditional elements with contemporary flair. This captivating culinary journey promises to transport guests to a realm where myths and fairytales intertwine seamlessly with the vibrant and tantalising flavours of the island, resulting in a truly unforgettable dining experience at W Bali – Seminyak.  


  • Salmon Carpaccio
  • Tomahawk and Spicy Chorizo Sausage
  • Artisan Cheese Selection

Exquisite Taste Volume 40


W Bali – Seminyak

Jalan Petitenget, Kerobokan

Bali 80361, Indonesia

T: (+62) 8170015808



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