The First Aperol Spritz Summer Festival in Asia  

The First Aperol Spritz Summer Festival in Asia  

From the enchanting Venetian canals to the bustling streets of Milan, the Aperol Spritz has perpetually encapsulated the vibrant and convivial essence of Italian lifestyle, and now the brand graces Bali with its presence.

Between 28 August and 10 September 2023, the renowned libation will mark its inaugural Aperol Spritz Summer Festival, spanning the entirety of Bali. Catering to sun worshippers and spritz enthusiasts alike, residents and visitors of the island can anticipate an array of spritz promotions, Aperitivo-inspired brunches, and orange-themed soirées to enhance their island retreat.

Aperol, with its distinctive orange hue, stands as a symbol of Italy’s culture of unwinding, revelry, and shared instants. Under the support of the Campari Group, Aperol is most famous for its classic Aperol Spritz, which claimed the title of the world’s number one trending cocktail in 2022. Upon mingling with Prosecco and a hint of soda, it metamorphoses into the Aperol Spritz – a libation adored for its characteristic radiance, unique flavour, and effervescence that encapsulates the vivacious Italian ethos.

Bali, celebrated for its immaculate beaches and vibrant heritage, forms the idyllic backdrop for this Italian-inspired celebration, which salutes Aperol’s philosophy of savouring life’s instances in the company of cherished peers, reflecting timeless Italian flair. Central to this grand revelry are five Aperol Spritz hotspots, amidst over 100 other participating venues, strategically scattered across Bali’s lively enclaves like Kuta, Canggu, Ubud, and Seminyak.

Spanning across 80 iconic locales, noteworthy venues encompass the Alila Seminyak, Atlas Beach Fest, Finns Beach Club, La Brisa, White Rock and numerous others. For the freshest updates and a comprehensive list of participating locales, ardent Aperol Spritz aficionados can track @AperolSpritzID to stay abreast of ongoing promotions.

The event boasts an engaging itinerary replete with activities, including Sunset Hour menus at handpicked bars and beachfront clubs. Attendees can eagerly anticipate brunches influenced by Italy’s aperitivo tradition, as well as “Orange” soirées that evoke the ambiance of reclining along the Mediterranean coastline.

A paramount facet of the festival is the “Together We Spritz” initiative, which honours camaraderie and shared experiences. Throughout the festivities, participants can partake in spritz-themed games, contests, and quizzes, while also vying for giveaways by sharing their experiences on Instagram or TikTok, accompanied by the tags @AperolSpritzID and #AperolSpritzID throughout the duration of the campaign.

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