Grilled To Perfection

Grilled To Perfection

Osia Steak & Seafood Grill (1)

Osia Steak & Seafood Grill is a chic Michelin-starred restaurant at Resorts World Sentosa that is the perfect setting for a casual gourmet get-together with family and friends.

The exacting standards of Australian celebrity Chef Scott Webster and Singapore’s own imaginative Chef de Cuisine Douglas Tay keep the focus at Osia Steak and Seafood Grill firmly on the ingredients at this welcoming and comfortable Michelin-starred eatery.

Featuring sophisticated, modern Australian cuisine utilising supreme quality meat, seafood and unique Australian herbs, all flown in from Australia or specially sourced globally, the menu is hearty, healthy and extremely satisfying. A further dimension is added to the creative and seasonally fresh dishes by an impressive cellar of New World wines carefully curated by Scott and his sommeliers to give diners an unforgettable epicurean experience.

Chef Scott Webster & Chef de Cuisine Douglas Tay

We advise starting your meal with the aromatic, signature stone-hearth flat breads, renowned for their lightly crispy outside, fluffy insides and plentiful, divine toppings, including curry coconut, macadamia pesto and truffled Kalamata olive, all accompanied by the quirky “toothpaste” dip. A justifiably famed feature of the Osia menu is the incredible meats. Indulge in the rare Byron Bay Berkshire pork, raised slowly on an organic diet in a boutique farm to give it a unique sweet, juicy tenderness. Grilled on the stone hearth, the pork rack is perfection.

The beef is no less incredible, with the ultimate choice being the supremely delicate flavours of MS 9+ Mayura Station Matsusaka signature full-blood wagyu beef rib eye, a steak that will ensure your taste buds will forever be in your debt!

Osia Steak and Seafood Grill - Grain Fed Black Angus Beef Tenderloin

If fish is more to your liking, then the Maine lobster or delicious Freemantle octopus with its spicy, tangy accompaniments are both superb options. All the grilled meats and seafood are served with the range of high quality sauces one would expect, or why not be tempted by the gorgeous apple-butter barbecue sauce if you fancy something a little different? A selection of seasonal vegetables and carbs can be ordered on the side.

For those who just can’t make up their minds, Osia offers a tempting range of sharing plates. These will suit every taste and choosing a selection is the perfect way for groups to sample just what this stunning restaurant can offer.

Valrhona Hot Choc Soup

But whatever you eat, do be sure to leave room for Scott’s famed dessert – hot chocolate soup – his specialty harking back to his early days in London. Served on a slab of dark slate he presents molten Valrhona chocolate cake, accompanied by black pepper vanilla ice cream and topped with a sesame crisp. The hot, oozing, rich dark chocolate is a taste sensation made even more divine with the cool, creamy zing of the ice cream; a fitting end to an unforgettable meal.

With numerous awards under its belt won over the years, including best new restaurant in 2010, Singapore’s best restaurant in 2014 and one Michelin star in the inaugural 2016 Michelin Guide Singapore, it’s no wonder that Osia Steak and Seafood Grill is a very popular choice both for Resorts World Sentosa guests and those with the sole purpose of partaking in the fabulous dining.

Fremantle Octopus Kyuri Cucumber Relish Green Chilli Confiture

OSIA_Fremantle Octopus

Cooked Octopus
· 500g Fremantle octopus tentacles
· 750ml water
· 75g carrot, peeled/diced
· 75g yellow onion, peeled/diced
· 20g garlic, whole
· 20g young ginger, sliced
· 20g coriander
· 30g spring onion
· 7g red chilli
· 5g fine salt
· 1.5g black peppercorns
· 10g vegetable oil

1. Sauté all the vegetables with oil until lightly brown.
2. Pour in the water and bring to the boil.
3. Simmer and let it reduce for about 15 minutes.
4. Place the octopus in the liquid.
5. Cover and place in a hot oven at 120˚C for approximately 30-45 minutes.
6. Once cooked, remove from liquid.
7. Grill over high heat.
8. Slice into bite-sized pieces.

Green Chilli Confiture
· 125g green chilli
· 12g shallots, peeled
· 15g garlic, peeled
· 12ml lime juice
· 3g coriander
· 7g fine sugar
· 2.5g fish sauce
· 15ml water

1. Pan roast the green chilli, garlic and shallots until brown.
2. Remove the pulp from the green chilli.
3. Place all ingredients into a blender and blend until coarse.

Kyuri Cucumber Relish
· 145g kyuri cucumber, peeled/grated
· 8g green chilli, brunoise
· 25g shallots, peeled/sliced
· 20g spring onion, sliced
· 2.5g coriander, sliced
· 2g lime rind
· 35ml lime juice
· 2.5g fine salt
· 0.5g black pepper
· 5g fish sauce
· 25ml grapeseed oil
· 8ml rice wine vinegar
· 30g palm sugar

1. Mix all the ingredients except the cucumber together.
2. Once mixed, add the grated cucumber and mix well.

Serves 5