Hot, Sour, Salty and Sweet – The Perfect Thai Combination

Hot, Sour, Salty and Sweet – The Perfect Thai Combination

Dancing Cripsy Seabass

Enjoy the authentic tastes and textures of Thailand in a wonderfully contemporary setting at Blue Jasmine

Situated on the fifth floor of the Park Hotel Farrer Park, just a few minutes walk from Farrer Park MRT station, the newly opened Blue Jasmine Thai restaurant offers guests a selection of authentic classic and street food dishes backed by good service and a high degree of comfort.

Contemporary chic, with a hint of Asia, the restaurant was designed by FBEYE International. The interior is crisp and clean with warm red bricks and white tiles providing a nice contrast to the patterned floor, leather seating and Asian accented décor. With a mix of intimate and group tables indoor and al fresco, poolside dining Blue Jasmine can seat up to 100 and offers both à la carte menus and, on special occasions, a buffet.

Southern Roasted Chicken

Sharing plates is the traditional Thai style of eating, both at home and in restaurants. Reflecting this concept, Executive Chef Bright Kan San and the culinary team have designed a menu that focuses on communal dining with a range of beautifully presented shared plates that feature the classic Thai combinations of hot, sour, salty and sweet.

Once seated, guests are invited to browse the impressive à la carte menu and discover an array of dishes inspired by Thailand’s traditional flavours and its spectacular street food culture. The delicious Salmon Larb is a real favourite and justifiably so. A traditional Thai dish of raw salmon dressed with tomato concasse, red shallot, lemongrass and spicy tamarind dressing served with crispy rice crackers, it’s delicious! As an alternative check out the Tiger Cry Beef Salad with grilled Australian rib eye, brimming with fresh Thai herbs, roasted chilli dressing and shallots, it’s a very a classy take on the famous dish, or try a piping hot bowl of the chef’s fabulous prawn and lemongrass soup – tom yum goong.

For the choice of main courses, the beautifully plated Dancing Crispy Sea Bass and Southern Roasted Chicken are sensational and, like all mains, come with one of four types of rice – steamed, sticky, organic multi-grain or the restaurant’s very cool signature Blue Jasmine Rice.

Thai curry is naturally well represented and one of their most popular dishes is the signature Beef Green Curry. This is Blue Jasmine’s hottest dish and is a fiery classic Thai curry. The spicy curry paste is made in-house using chillies and fragrant Thai basil and the succulent beef is cooked along with green and pea eggplant, which adds a subtle textural contrast. Other curries include Orange Curry Sting Ray with palm heart and vegetables and the creamy Crab Meat Yellow Curry with fresh turmeric and betel leaf, which is served with Blue Jasmine vermicelli.

Thai food is all about balance and the culinary team ensure the meal is in perfect equilibrium by offering up a striking range of traditional desserts including Melon Sago with sweetened coconut milk, melon cubes and red ruby and our favourite the Blue Jasmine Mango Sticky Rice served with coconut custard and caramelised peanuts.

Blue Jasmine opens for lunch at 11.30AM and dinner at 6PM and early impressions suggest it will be a hit with Singapore’s Thai food lovers.