Hotel ICON

Hotel ICON



Sophisticated and effortlessly stylish, Above & Beyond at the prized Hotel ICON presents Chinese fine dining at its very best – with a sky-high view to boot.

With so many impressive Chinese restaurants on the culinary scene, diners need a very good reason to favour one above the rest. Luckily, Above and Beyond has many – starting with its spectacular citywide views paired with wonderfully crafted cuisine. Located on the 28th floor of one of Hong Kong’s most stylish hotels, Above and Beyond at Hotel ICON offers its diners a sweeping view across Victoria Harbour and the world-famous skyline. Coupled with the sensational cuisine and its chic and contemporary design, the restaurant quite simply takes your breath away.

A Cut Above

Wandering towards the sweet and spicy aromas of the Above and Beyond dining room, I am distracted by the captivating view of the famous Hong Kong fireworks and the illuminative harbour laser show. I am in the Above and Beyond Lounge – a lounge that resembles a private club and entices with its expertly blended cocktails, shaken or stirred at the Panoramic Bar.

Handpicked books, art-related tomes and eclectic Asian artefacts line the lounge’s library shelves. The dark timber walls, designer desk lamps and a provocative range of paintings from local artists all compete for the limelight against the floor-to-ceiling vista of Victoria Harbour. Designed by the iconic Hong Kong designer, Freeman Lau, the space is intimate and alluring – the perfect spot to contemplate the deliciousness to follow.

Into the restaurant, and the long and sleek main dining room hosts a number of intimate table settings with leather-upholstered booths. The seating runs parallel to the full-length windows, connecting diners to the dazzling landscape beyond. A subtle palette of walnut brown, cool greys and taupe create a relaxed and elegant setting – chic yet without the fussiness.




Beyond Expectations

The menu is awash with glorious creations – a mixture of authentic and adapted dishes. The focus is on seasonal Cantonese fare, however, having lived in Shanghai and Beijing, Executive Chef Joseph Tse takes inspiration from a variety of Chinese cuisines. Bringing over 37 years experience to the restaurant, Chef Tse revives Cantonese classics and must-try Chinese delicacies.

Lunchtime marks a gourmet dim sum selection, together with the congenial and social vibe you have come to love from this delightful custom. Crabmeat spring rolls, har gow, sweet and sour deep-fried won tons – all-time favourites tweaked and perfected, swapped and shared. The five-spice sliced angus beef brisket is rich and indulgent, while the scallop and vegetable cheung fun roll offers a smooth and decadent alternative to a more traditional filling.

As the sun sets beneath the twinkling city skyline, dinner offers a selection of heartier dishes in the form of an a la carte menu. The lobster with egg white and black truffles is something you won’t want to miss – the lobster is steamed and de-shelled, then placed delicately in a small pool of gently cooked egg white. A light sprinkling of black truffle completes the dish – a subtle amount so as not to overwhelm the intricate flavours.

The signature steamed Coral Crab with glutinous rice presents a palate-pleasing blend of crab roe, high soup and 10-year-old Huadiao wine – a firm favourite among Above and Beyond loyalists. The  rich aroma of wine engulfs your senses the second it is uncovered, heightened by the sumptuous succulence of the crab and finished with a whisper of sweetness. For a truly sublime bite, try the smoked Bresse Pigeon, cooked in traditional chiu-chow marinade sauce with fine oolong tealeaves.Save some space for the double-boiled pear with Osmanthus, served with Chinese Petit Fours. With its sweetly floral aroma, Chef Tse’s signature dessert bursts with a zesty freshness – perfect for the summer season.

A Final Thought

It may at first seem that the unsurpassed 360° view of Hong Kong and its stunning harbour is the main attraction of the restaurant. But with the inimitable cuisine, sublime service and the breathtaking design by the world famous Conran & Partners, it becomes hard to pinpoint which feature is the most remarkable. Elevating traditional Chinese cuisine to gourmet heights,  Above and Beyond truly lives up to its name.

Steamed Coral Crab and Glutinous Rice





(Serves 4)

• 600g Coral Crab
• 450g Glutinous Rice
• 15g Preserved Ham
• 30g Dried Shrimp
• 25g Ginger
• 45ml Hua Diao
• 3 Egg Whites



1. Soak the glutinous rice for 3 hours.
2. Mix the rice with stir-fried preserved ham, dried shrimp & diced ginger.
3. Place the mixture on top of a lotus leaf and steam for 35 minutes.
4. Marinate the Chinese coral crab with 10-year-old Hua Diao wine and egg whites.

5. Steam the crab for 9-10 minutes.
6. Put the crab on top of the rice to steam for 5-7 more minutes, then serve.




Steamed Lobster with Egg White and Black Truffles




• 280g Lobster
• 1.5 Egg Whites
• 5ml Ginger Juice
• 30ml Milk
• 30ml Stock
• 8g Truffles



1. Shell the lobster.
2. Blanch the lobster with oil.
3. Set in a pool of egg white with ginger juice, milk & stock.
4. Steam for 6-10 min to perfection.
5. Sprinkle truffles on the top and serve.