Hotel Monopoli

Hotel Monopoli

Bottled cocktails

Designed to suit modern travellers with a penchant for timeless class, Hotel Monopoli is famed and loved for its contemporary retro architecture, attention to detail and bespoke hospitality. One of the curated experiences on offer at Hotel Monopoli is its cocktail culture, with handcrafted tipples made by the award-winning mixologist to entice your palate.

The hotel’s founding group, Syah Establishments, recently launched Cocktail Porter, not just through Hotel Monopoli, but also its other outlets, The Gunawarman, Lucy In The Sky and Lucy Beer Kitchen By Lawless. A modern beverage experience, Cocktail Porter delivers signature cocktails that are scrupulously handcrafted, supervised and inspected by Syah Establishments’ award-winning mixologist – right to your home. The Cocktail Porter menu comprises classics like Negroni, Manhattan, Boulevardier, Old Fashioned and Bloody Mary, as well as special signatures like Chocolate Martini, Sangria Tinta, Loca Loco and Dr. Pepper.

Just phone to place your order. Delivery within a 10km radius of Hotel Monopoli is free. Cocktail Porter is part of the establishment’s #RESETNOW campaign, a recovery-mode effort by Hotel Monopoli to persuade people to stay at home and be positive.

Hotel Monopoli

Jalan Taman Kemang No. 12

Jakarta 12730, Indonesia

T: (+62) 2122715665