Inspired by The Great Traditions

Inspired by The Great Traditions

Roasted Beijing Duck

Located at the most opulent hotel in Semarang, Kim Tia Chinese Restaurant offers discerning diners authentic Hokkien cuisine inspired by the great history of the city.

by Rizky Adityo

The capital of Central Java, Semarang is a multicultural city with a rich history. A city on the rise, Semarang is a great destination for those looking to learn more about Indonesia. With its many well-preserved colonial-era buildings from its time as a Dutch colony, the city offers a great historical experience. Semarang is also known as a melting pot of cultures influenced by Chinese and Dutch immigrants, where a variety of celebrated and mouthwatering cuisines abound.

Based on this rich history, Padma Hotel Semarang decided to open a traditional Chinese dining venue with Kim Tia Chinese Restaurant. Located on the lobby level of the latest, and very opulent, hotel in Semarang, Kim Tia is not your ordinary Chinese restaurant.

Driven by Padma’s core philosophy of an artistic lifestyle, the 140-seater restaurant is beautifully adorned with hand-painted murals that tell the story of Semarang. The contrasting white and blue colours with dark wood furniture provide a warm ambience, whilst for small dining events like birthdays, or for those who value privacy whilst dining, there are private dining rooms to book in advance.

Quickly becoming one of the best Chinese restaurants in the city, the skilled culinary team at Kim Tia pays attention to quality. Everything is made following traditional cooking techniques to deliver authentic Hokkien cuisine to guests.

Open for lunch and dinner, the extensive menu at Kim Tia is divided into several sections. For example, the appetisers range from beef shank with Chinese herbs and deep-fried golden beancurd to drunken chicken roll with jellyfish sesame oil. Meanwhile, for something heartier, diners can try double-boiled chicken and ginseng root soup or sour spicy soup with prawn wonton in Szechuan style.

A Selection Of Kim Tia’s Mocktails

For mouthwatering mains, the restaurant offers a selection of barbecued meats, such as roasted Beijing duck and Cantonese roasted chicken. If you’re into seafood, be sure to check out the Sea Treasure section, where braised abalone and luffa are on offer. A visit to a Chinese restaurant is not complete without rice, noodles and dim sum.

Speaking of dim sum, the restaurant also holds a Weekend Yum Cha every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 3pm, where diners are welcome to savour the contemporary taste of Hokkien inspired by the culture of Peranakan Semarang.

In addition to the wide range of food, diners at Kim Tia have to try the beverages. For refreshing quenchers, the restaurant has non-alcoholic drinks, including Blue Kim Tia featuring butterfly pea syrup and lime juice with a splash of carbonated sour mix. The Lunar of Java is created with muddled cucumber mixed with mango puree and house-made ginger lime. Or, try the Kim Tia Tea Selection with its special tea blend or Chinese tea blend.  

Kim Tia at Padma Hotel Semarang