Memories to Savour at Clifford, The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore

Memories to Savour at Clifford, The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore


It’s not often when a dining experience is so memorable, that even days afterwards you’ll find your mouth watering when recalling the meal.

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Offering unobstructed, lavish views of Singapore’s stunning Marina Bay through 10-meter high floor to ceiling windows, Clifford – The Fullerton Bay Hotel’s chic brasserie, promises an epicurean experience that lives up to its settings. The hotel is truly waterfront – built literally on the water near Clifford Pier, a historic landing point for many of Singapore’s early immigrants. It is here, at the feet of Singapore’s sweeping skyscrapers and in the bosom of the Fullerton Heritage precinct where past fuses with present. With a nod to a bygone era of sleek craftsmanship and artistry, the restaurant embodies a careful and thoughtful design by acclaimed Andre Fu, who’s crafted a haven of contemporary luxury inspired by the social salons of Paris.

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Likewise, the menu pays tribute to authentic French bistro favourites but with contemporary flair – that is, without the heavy, overly rich savour that is often equated with French cuisine – making Clifford’s menu more suitable for modern pallets and Singapore’s warm climate.

Awaken the palate with the refreshing lobster and scallop Carpaccio, sliced trim and marinated with lime black truffle dressing and garnished with truffle shavings. If this leaves you yearning for more seafood, then follow with a main dish of roasted cod with young potatoes and white wine clams and parsley to taste a fish heated to buttery perfection and precisely balanced with the white wine’s acidity it nearly baffles the taste buds, while the tiny clams add a subtle saltiness beckoning the palate with every bite.

But for those who are in need of a heartier main dish, go straight for the Wagyu Burger, a no-nonsense burger topped with a slab of seared foie gras, aged blue cheese and caramelized onion jam, served with fries drizzled with white truffle oil. Truffles are featured widely in Clifford’s menu but at no point is the use overbearing. They add a light yet fragrant gusto to the potato mousseline accompanying Clifford’s signature 3-hour duck confit served on a dollop of puréed black garlic – a sweeter, less pungent version of white garlic due to a special fermentation process.

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With proximity to Singapore’s central business district and a two and three-course set lunch menu, Clifford is the ideal venue for business lunches and impressing that sought after client. But the restaurant also boasts an impressive Saturday and Sunday brunch. Saturday’s “Hangover Brunch” aims to remedy the ailments of Friday night’s festivities with free-flowing Bloody Mary cocktails and made to order, comfort-favourites from the stoves – such as vanilla pancakes with orange ricotta cheese spread and maple syrup or crème fraiche and berry Belgian waffles. Still a little queasy from the night before? Toss your own salad at the salad station for a tasty and detoxifying pick-me-up before digging into the satiating beefed up mac & cheese – a grown-up version of the all-time favourite – with gratin pasta, cream and braised beef ribs tossed with spinach.

It’s precisely the supreme menu and charming ambiance that results in such a memorable experience. The glistening waterfront view makes Clifford a delightful choice for day or evening dining. At night the hotel is bathed in warm, orange light, setting it apart as a distinctly grand. But whether day or night, come for the main course and stay for dessert. The lemon tart is a zingy and refreshing end to a fulfilling meal. Topped with lime zest shavings, it’s sure to brighten up your day.

But Clifford’s signature apple tart tatin is an enchanting delight not to be missed. Served upside down accompanied by a petit scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, the scent of warm caramel rises up from the plate, tantalizing the senses of what is to come. As fork meets crust, a most perfect and delicate crunch gives way to a phenomenally baked, melt-in-your-mouth apple that must have come from a magic oven – not to discount the superb skills of the chef, of course. This is the dessert you will dream about for days to come. It’s a captivating finish to an unforgettable meal that will have you planning your return before even settling the bill.


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