Mid-Autumn Sweetness

Mid-Autumn Sweetness

The Langham, Jakarta

To commemorate the Mid-Autumn festivity, opulent hotel The Langham, Jakarta has prepared The Langham Mooncake. Meticulously crafted from only ingredients with the best quality, the mooncakes mesmerise the senses with the presentation and flavours. The mooncakes come in an elegant jewellery box in the brand’s signature shade of pink, adorned with lush, nature-themed artworks. The flavours comprise matcha with lotus seed, red bean, white lotus and taro – all with the delicate flavour of golden egg yolk. 

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Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta

The legendary hotel in Jakarta has crafted an enticing series of mooncakes with delicate, soft skin and lush fillings, including lotus, red bean, pandan and matcha. The delicacies are presented in pretty boxes with sophisticated design that symbolises good fortune and unity. The Mid-Autumn Festive offer comes in a small package comprising two mooncakes, and a medium package comprising four. 

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Raffles Jakarta

Raffles Jakarta is participating in the long-standing tradition of Mid-Autumn Festival celebration with a sumptuous selection of mooncakes comprising the traditionally baked variety and the contemporary snow-skin creations. Presented in a sage-coloured box with intricate details of peacocks, palm trees and landscapes, you can choose from classics, like dates with pecan nuts and mandarin lotus; or the newer alternatives like the honey murasaki sweet potatoes.  

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Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta

Signature Chinese restaurant Table8 at Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta is another strong contender when it comes to the Mid-Autumn sweetness. This year, the lavish hotel offers a variety of mooncakes with different flavours and egg yolk centres, presented in an exquisite packaging with vibrant colours and seasonal decoration. The mooncakes are available until 29 September 2023.   

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JW Marriott Hotel Surabaya

The hotel’s Tang Palace’s skilled Chef Affat has crafted a wide selection of Mid-Autumn Festival treats, from the classic mooncakes to the snow skin varieties, including new flavours like the osmanthus wine lotus and rum truffle, Baileys and red wine cranberry. Even the packaging offered boasts an enchanting selection, including the luxurious handcrafted box complete with ancient Chinese tea pot, or the Luxury Tosca Delights options. 

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Vasa Hotel Surabaya

The hotel’s Xiang Fu Hai restaurant has prepared a wide range of Mid-Autumn Festival treats courtesy of the restaurant’s award-winning Chef Loong. Choose from the classics like white lotus with egg yolk, snow-skin mooncake like the yam lotus with granola nut, or the highly anticipated durian musang king snow-skin mooncake. There are also new savoury mooncakes, such as the XO dried shrimp, dried chicken meat and bird’s nest with red date walnuts.  

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Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

The magnificent Four Seasons Hotel Singapore offers an array of baked and snow-skin mooncakes from award-winning Jiang-Nan Chun and Nobu Singapore to enjoy the essence of Mid-Autumn traditions. Delicately created, the collections include perennial favourites as well as new limited-edition flavours housed in gorgeous boxes, a reflection of elegance and grace, and the perfect gift for the season. Elevate the season and pair the exquisite mooncakes with organic sparkling teas by Copenhagen, a Danish label developed by award-winning sommelier Jacob Kocemba and business partner Bo Sten Hensen.

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Rosewood Hong Kong

Presenting a wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival experience, Rosewood Hong Kong has specially prepared a selection of delightful mooncakes. Aptly named The Witty Moon collection, the mooncakes are crafted from time-honoured recipes by the hotel’s Chinese Executive Chef Li Chi-Wai and are presented in eco-friendly packaging that features a design of contemporary colourful clouds, romantic purple mountains and a stunning autumn sky amid a perfect moonlit landscape. The mooncake collection features a variety of flavours to choose from, including traditional white lotus seed paste with double egg yolks, traditional yellow lotus seed paste with olive seeds and double yolks, and more.  

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