Renowned for its delightful food and the generous use of luscious fresh truffles, Momozen combines contemporary Japanese cuisine with French nuances for a delectable dining experience.

Helming the kitchen, as well as being the creator of the carefully crafted menu, is Chef Sho Naganuma, whose background in award-winning and Michelin-starred restaurants helped develop his strong belief in respecting classic dishes and techniques, while embracing new innovations, in turn leading to some outstanding dishes on the Momozen menu.

Known for his appearances on the Asian Food Channel, Chef Naganuma pairs the wonderful flavours of Japan and France in exceptional ways. A firm favourite since the restaurant opened is the truffle donabe gohan, a traditional Japanese claypot of fragrant, fluffy truffle rice served fresh at the table with the option of additional fresh truffles, wagyu beef, grilled foie gras or truffle scrambled egg, making it comfort food of the very highest quality.

Truffle Donabe Gohan

The menu is varied and has so many temptations that multiple visits are needed to Momozen to explore the selection, which includes truffle chawanmushi, incredible meat and seafood dishes, such as the Sakura Miso Cod and Baby Chic Truffle Rice, and special beef from boutique cattle houses in Japan, like the Master Kobe Shiogama Beef.

The restaurant itself can be found on the 46th floor of The Plaza and has a sleek, minimalist interior framed by floor-to-ceiling windows with views across Jakarta’s skyline, while the stylish modern chandeliers are an eye-catching feature.


  • Truffle donabe gohan
  • Baby chick truffle rice
  • Yuzu crème brulée


The Plaza, 46th Floor

Jalan M.H. Thamrin

Jakarta 10350, Indonesia

T: (+62) 2129922246

Exquisite Taste December 2019 – February 2020